Low Cost Marketing options for Personal Trainers – Email Marketing/Newsletters

Low Cost Marketing options for Personal Trainers - Email Marketing/Newsletters

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WHY Email marketing?

  • Helps you close the long sale. They are all long sales!

The biggest sales mistake trainers make  is not realizing how important follow-up is! I use my newsletter to follow up without feeling like a pain in the ass. I get in front of them every week with content that helps to solve their problems. They appreciate this more than “Hey, buy my stuff “ a million times. 

You still need to have an offer in every single newsletter. You will also want to create a signature that explains the ways they can contact you and get started with your services. 

  • Helps you get members to return to your services!

Most of the people who leave you will come back at some point. They are going through this thing called LIFE. Bonus points if you know what song that came from! 

The best way to stay in front of them is to continue to provide solid advice that lets them know you are the best option! A solid email marketing plan will allow you to set up reactivation campaigns to get past clients back in the doors.

  • Helps you build trust and increase the value of your services! 

You will stand out from the rest if you put out solid content. Not the same ol thing that everyone else is doing! 

Some tips …….

  • Create a Lead Magnet! – Create, or have someone else help you create, an ebook in exchange for their contact information.

  • Make it about your readers- It’s about them! If your average client is over 50 with an injury or two and has not worked out in 10 years, then videos of you deadlifting 500 pounds is not going to work! Dive deep into their specific problems. Survey your members on the type of content THEY want!

  • Have offers, but don’t go too crazy trying to sell – The quickest way to get them to unsubscribe is by sending out emails with buy my stuff every week! You must add value with quality content. I am NOT saying don’t ask for the sale!!

  • Have a super signature and subtle CTAs inside of the newsletter – Create offers that are weaved into your content. For example, if you need my business coaching services to help you figure out how to set up a solid email marketing campaign then text business coaching to 757 589 7028 🙂

  • Segment your list – If you serve different types of people then segment your list. For example, if you serve athletes and gen pop, then that should be two different lists. 

  • Helps you become a better writer/communicator – Forcing yourself to write every week for your newsletter will improve your writing skills! Improving your communication skills will lead to more money.

  • Hire  a writer if necessary – Too busy? Consider hiring a fitness writer to help you create content! If you need any assistance with this text “fitness writer” to 757 589 7028 and I can help you develop content for your target market.

  • Make a video – No time for writing? Make a video if that is your thing!

  • Repurpose this as your blog post and social media posts- No need to come up with different content for every platform! 

  • How often should I send out a Newsletter?

Something is better than nothing! We say this to our clients all the time, but we often get hung up on the all or nothing  mindset ourselves.

If you are crazy busy and don’t have as many clients, even once a month or twice a month can work.  As you get more clients, increase the frequency to at least once a week, then maybe more than that. Focus on keeping the content quality! Don’t just send out something to send out something. 

  • Can I use my regular email or should I choose a Platform 

Not a good idea to use your regular email. If you are truly in the beginning stages with next to no clients, then it’s not the end of the world. 

There are quite a few platforms that can work and you are not locked into one forever. Aweber, constant contact, mailchimp, and quite a few others. These platforms allow you to track stats as to who has opened your email, what they clicked on, and will allow you to segment and schedule emails. You will want people to have the option to unsubscribe.


Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM -EP

3 ways to work with me! 

Are you a New Personal Trainer Looking for Guidance to Get certified and Survive your first year or two of training? Check out my   “Certified, Now What?!”  Coaching Services and TEXT “ Survive Year One” to 757 589 7028 to set up a No charge consultation to Learn More! 

Trying to make a REAL Career out of Fitness?! Check out my individualized Business Coaching for Personal Trainers and TEXT “ PT CAREER” to 757 589 7028 to set up a No charge consultation to Learn More!

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Low Cost Marketing Options for Personal Trainers – Networking

Low Cost Marketing Options for Personal Trainers - Networking

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Most personal trainers ask me “How am I supposed to compete against the big gyms when it comes to marketing? I am broke! ”

I am sure you have heard business coaches say it takes money to make money. This is true to an extent. As your business grows,you should be investing back into your business in every possible way. 

When you are first starting it’s a grind. But you have a few things on your side that can help you get clients, even if you are broke. In this series of blog posts I plan to discuss a few marketing methods personal trainers can use to get clients.

Network Marketing for Personal Trainers

About 15 years ago I moved to Williamsburg to start my personal training business. I knew absolutely no one in the area. I had a full time job as a teacher while training people before and after my school day. 

I was not exactly breaking the bank as a teacher. I was not able to spend money on ads, direct mail, or anything to acquire clients. I had to hustle and use some grassroots techniques with the main one being networking. 

Most trainers say they are networking, but they are not! They have no systems in place at all. They put no effort into it. And just like the clients they train, they have no patience. 

A few strategies you will need to put into place….

Write it down!

Create documents to organize your networking list. Every trainer I meet says they network, but they just have it up in their head. No! 

Create a google doc , excel, or anything to record people you meet under categories. This is the first thing I do with the trainers that I coach in my Business Coaching for Personal Trainers program.

Use LinkedIN, FB, Instagram, and other social media networks

Now I know most of you younger ones out there are not doing a lot with FB. I can hear you saying “but that is for old people!” Yeah, as in old people who have the money and time to actually pay you for your services! 

I can also hear you old people saying “But I can’t keep up with all these platforms the young people are on! I did not grow up with that stuff!” You will be the first one’s getting left behind. Suck it up and adjust to the times! 

When I first moved to the area I connected with a lot of local celebrities so to speak. Back then it was mostly using FB and LinkedIN. Your goal is to get people in your area to see you are connected to a lot of these people. Even if you do not train them. Others will assume you train them or you are a person they should meet. 

These platforms will also help you organize your network. They help you see how people are connected. They will make you realize just how small this world is! 

Don’t forget the obvious!

So many personal trainers forget to list their entire network of family , friends, or businesses they frequent. 

“Oh, well they can’t afford my services” or “They won’t hire me as a coach.”  Yes, that might be true. But I can GUARANTEE you they know someone who can. 

It’s a small world out there! Think about opportunities and keep an open mind!

Get out to local events!

Get away from the gym and meet people in the community! I have been able to get so many clients from working at coffee houses, having conversations, and handing over my business cards. 

Find local events that support nonprofits in the area. Most would be excited if you donated a silent auction gift around your training services.

Start a newsletter !

This is another great way to grow and organize your network! The best way to stay in front of a potential client long term is providing great content to their inbox! 

Writing has made me so much money over the years! They will appreciate this so much more than hearing “buy my training” a million times from you! You want to be in front of them when they are ready to make a decision to change their health. This is a BIG decision for them, so use your content to build trust over time. 

“But, I am not a writer!” Practice it, or hire a coach and/or writer! If you need any assistance developing content or finding writers text “fitness content creation” to 757 589 7028 and I can send you more info on hiring writers! 

One more thing. If you like my content, make sure you sign up for my newsletter here =>  Detric Smith Newsletter

3 ways to work with me!

Are you a New Personal Trainer Looking for Guidance to Get certified and Survive your first year or two of training? Check out my   “Certified, Now What?!”  Coaching Services and TEXT “ Survive Year One” to 757 589 7028 to set up a No charge consultation to Learn More! 

Trying to make a REAL Career out of Fitness?! Check out my individualized Business Coaching for Personal Trainers and TEXT “ PT CAREER” to 757 589 7028 to set up a No charge consultation to Learn More! 

Are you a studio owner or Fitness Manager Looking for A Trainer/Studio owner with over 2 decades of experience to Develop your Staff? TEXT “Staff Development” to 757 589 7028 for More information!

Top programming mistakes robbing your clients of great results

Top programming mistakes robbing your clients of great results

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You’ve earned your cert and clients are rolling in. Now it’s your job to keep them happy, coming back for more, and seeing fantastic results.

Fantastic results don’t happen without great programming.

You probably know a little bit about programming… well, you know what’s worked for YOU based on your specific athletic background. You know the basic model you studied for your certificate. You know how to throw someone through a high-intensity circuit and make them feel like they got their money’s worth.

But does that translate to stellar long-term outcomes?

I’ve worked with enough new trainers to identify these incredibly common mistakes that are preventing your clients from reaching their maximum potential.

Choosing “fancy” movements over the most appropriate exercise.

Never sacrifice quality movement to try and make your workouts interesting. Choose exercises that your client is capable of performing and that actually suit their goals.

There’s no point in doing a complicated combination or advanced movement your client can barely grasp if their form and muscle activation go out the window. Always explain your reasons for choosing specific movements, even if they seem simple. When your client understands the “why”, they will be on board with your program because you’re demonstrating your professional expertise.       

Programming for novelty over optimal design. 

Yes, some clients get bored with repetition, and you should include some fresh variations to keep them interested- but, you need to make sure you’re still creating effective programming. That means proper frequency, intensity, and progressive overload. You need to hit every muscle group at least twice a week, with enough increase in intensity to stimulate optimal muscle growth.

It’s important to repeat key movements with enough regularity to document an increase in reps/weight. Explain this to your client, so both of you are on the same page about tracking their results. Be sure to celebrate PRs! It keeps people excited about coming back to the same movements.

Skipping the foundation.

If your client is new to working out, chances are they’ll need a stabilization phase, or some kind of introductory phase, where you will train their coordination, mind-muscle connection, and overall endurance rather than hammering their strength or power.

Don’t be afraid to include a realistic timeline for this phase if your client needs it. If they’re starting from scratch with no prior athletic experience, that means they aren’t going to jump straight to the barbell, even if their long-term goals include bodybuilding.

Again- communicate with your client. Share your vision and get them on board with the long game. Show them you have their best interests at heart, and you want them to get the best results possible while ensuring injury prevention.

Skipping cardio, conditioning, or mobility.

Yes, resistance training is important- but cardio is also key to long term health, and can improve overall endurance and even work capacity for lifting. It’s also an easy way for clients to get used to more consistency and encourage fat loss. You don’t need to spend a whole session on cardio- they can do it on their own time. Just make sure it’s included in their overall program.

Many clients are coming from a sedentary lifestyle and really need mobility work. It can seem annoying to take time out of your session to teach stretching techniques, but if you spend a little time on it up front, your client can start implementing stretches and mobility drills on their own. Mobility is the key to injury prevention and overall recovery in fitness.

Conditioning is key to improving work capacity and recovery for clients of any level. Your clients will feel more energized and athletic, and recover more quickly between challenging sets and after intense workouts.

Overdoing frequency.

Do you hammer your client with daily full-body workouts that don’t allow enough recovery for each muscle group?

Or maybe you split the muscle groups up so much that they’re really only targeting a given muscle once a week, even though they work out nearly every day. It’s difficult to stick to this frequency, and if they skip a day, you’re stuck with a two-week gap between working that specific muscle. You won’t see much progress.

Or, you launch a beginner into an advanced split like a 6-day PPL routine, where they hit everything twice a week, but aren’t conditioned to lift heavy every day. This will leave your client exhausted, especially if they’re already busy.

Forgetting to account for your client’s lifestyle.

New clients are going to struggle with the lifestyle change of a new fitness routine, and it’s unrealistic to ask them for 6 sessions a week in the gym. Most clients only need 3-4 resistance training sessions a week plus some cardio and mobility work. That’s enough for them to stick to it, stay consistent, recover, and have some time and energy to work on their nutrition and sleep. 

If you’re assigning a “homework” workout, make sure they can complete it in a reasonable time. Suggest activities that are enjoyable or even allow them to combine fitness with social time- hiking or outdoor sports, biking or walking on their commute, dancing… basically, make fitness motivating and flexible for where they’re at in life.

Always look at the big picture.

As a trainer, your job goes beyond a single workout- it’s about looking at the big picture and truly changing your client’s life. With a truly great program, you build the momentum of a client’s fitness journey to set them up for success for many years to come.

If you’re ready to level up your programming game and spark amazing results for your clients, check out my Mentorship Opportunities    After over 20 years of experience in the industry, I can improve your Programming and Coaching Skills  and Take your Business to the Next LevelTake your Business to the Next Level.  

Certified! Now what?

Certified! Now what?

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This is NOT the time to hand over all your money to fake business coaches promising you 6 or 7 figures, before they even take the time to know if you are a good trainer!

You need to build a foundation. And it’s about all the other stuff they never teach you in your certification programs!

What if you had a team in your corner that ………

Explained what you should expect and told you exactly what to do. Now, you do. In this 6 week course we will jumpstart your fitness career and go over the following lessons….

  • Marketing and sales —

Creating a networking plan for you with other fitness professionals and potential customers in your local area400

Helped you with low cost marketing options that fit into your new trainer budget

Helps you save money by finding the best low cost options for websites, graphic designers, and many more professionals!

Basic sales training

Positioning yourself as the expert for people who actually have the money to pay you, and not just like your photos on IG

  • Find your ideal job/Interview prep—

Helps you research your local area for Training positions

Helps you create a resume that stands out amongst potential employers

Helps you with mock interviews so you are prepared and confident for your next session

Professionalism from the eyes of the “old school” owner/trainer who will be interviewing you! ….How should I dress for a personal training interview?

Other priceless lessons on guidelines for phone, text, email, and social media professionalist

Helps you understand the different types of jobs in fitness and which one is the best fit for you based on your experience and personality

  • Program design and coaching skills–

Write program design alongside you, for your actual clients. We will also help you create templates and workouts based around your ideal client

For those local- lessons at our studio /potential internship options…for not local, virtual lessons and phone one on one phone calls

Talks over speciality certifications you may, or may not need

Emotional intelligence and how it impacts your fitness career

  • From employee to independent?

Are you ready to be independent? The basics of being an independent trainer and how to know if you are ready or not?

This is ONLY for dedicated trainers ready to reach the next level in their training career! This is NOT for someone who just wants to be an “influencer” or in it just for the money.

You will need to have time for….

Weekly calls with Detric

Homework for the week

Accountability check-ins

If you are interested in setting up a 15 min call to see if this program is a good fit for you, text 757 589 7028 with “Certified, now what?” to Learn more about the program and set up a no charge consultation!

WTFitness is going on? – Spot A Scam Series (Part 1)

Results Performance Training has been open since 2011. Between 2001 and 2010 I had to work at a gajillion places as a trainer(also coach, teacher, and more). Today is part one in a series of just about everything they don’t want me to say. Why am I saying this ? My goals are to….

=>Prevent you from making mistakes(save some money and time)

=>Change the life of the person who has experienced terrible service from the fitness industry and is about to give up. WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME!

=>Teach you to think, for yourself

=> Prepare the next generation of “REAL” Trainers that will then go on to change more lives

=> Create a new category called “Lifestyle Transformation Center”.. That is what we do better than any other place in Williamsburg. A place for the “other 95
%” …….Take your terms gym, personal trainer, crossfit, boot camp, and just throw them out the window. Open your mind and follow my journey through 18 years in this CRAZY industry!

Commercial Gym personal training . I loved the people I worked with and hated how the system prevented me from changing lives. I was forced to follow cheesy sales script to get members to sign up for Personal Training . The script was designed to make the person feel bad about themselves, find stuff wrong with them, and then tell them how long it would take to fix all of these problems. So you can then ask for a long term commitment from a person who has not had a chance to try it out first. We see this model in other health professions. There is more money in making you dependent, not independent. At least those other professions have higher standards for entry. Why they get more respect than us “trainers” ….There are good and bad in EVERY industry.

They have to script the sales process because they hired non sales people(trainers) in their 20s who would have made great trainers if the gyms invested in them. They invested all of their money on the people selling the memberships! That is where all the money is coming from . Selling memberships to people they don’t care about. I say don’t care because 95 percent of them will show up for 3 weeks in January to never come again or be checked on. For those keeping track at home……Everyone in position of power at these places has never trained a person a day in their life. Now if you are in this to be a “Real Trainer” lets keep in mind you won’t be making any real money in this industry until you have put at least a decade in. And you don’t deserve to until you have proven you are passionate enough to breakthrough when everyone else breaks down.

group classes at big box gyms…pretty much worthless for people who need change , from a business model they can’t invest too much into these group session, trainers, or classes. It’s not making them a lot of money. Make them good enough to attract some people . Overall we keep getting back to the same point….people that (kind of) can stay in shape with no help are the only ones who benefit from this system. The people who have no clue will get fooled by this system, frustrated, and then give up. So let me make it clear one more time….If you fall under this category, put your trust in me, HIT REPLY…I WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. That is about the only thing I know I can do better than all of these other places.

The commercial gyms are not done taking your money yet…they are going to empty your pocket by selling you shakes that are going to load in more calories than you burned during the entire week of training, or month, because you only went 3 times. I mean some of these places even give away pizza!! WTFitness is going on? So you went for the cheapest gym option and still did not get your moneys worth? Not your fault. You don’t know any better. So now you plan to go to a smaller studio and……

Fad Chain boutique Gyms =>

Smaller Studios are going in the right direction right? Not so fast! They hop on, copy the latest trends. Sadly these trends will be around 5 to 10 years if they are lucky. They sell their soul out with the lowest price option up front just to get people to use for social proof. To make it seem like their programs works. Most of them are franchise models so they can steal transformations from the other 500 locations and make it seem like local people are getting results.

The initial rush to these places is similar to that person who loses 20lbs in 3 weeks. They forgot to build a foundation so that weight will pile back on! 30 people hopping around in a room (even if the trainer was halfway descent, usually not) is too much off the bat ……no personal attention, no attention to details like injury, the other 23 hours. so once again….maybe some people who will get results anywhere or some 20 year old can survive, but, everyone else….???

Now why do people fall for this non sense? Lets not forget you are falling prey to sales geniuses. Well, the genius is the person who sold the gym, not the person who purchased a gym model to use. Their long term downfall is that the people with money have never trained or changed a life a day in their life. These are not real coaches and trainers. The worst nightmare of a real trainer or coach is to be stripped of their creative ability to create and connect. They just pick someone based off how good they look. I mean some of them claim to empower women, but then don’t empower women to be leaders within their organization? There is so much going on in your head, that you don’t even know, is going on in your head!

So now you are listening to a one trick pony gym/trainer who can only sell a pure beat down session in most cases. The problem is the beat down method does one thing well….beats up people and injures them. People only know what they “feel” though, so it’s “better” until, or maybe even after, they get injured? Group atmosphere, adrenaline, endorphins, and a bunch of subconscious and society stuff will fool you into making bad decisions……over, and over, again.

The goal of the business is to scale it as fast as possible for growth….this hurts the people that need us the most! Each new gym in the franchise model is a watered down version of the original. If you are a trainer starting your career here your growth is capped forever. If you are investing in this model just realize it’s like eating at McDonalds. They are popular. But lets stop comparing it to that chef who is a genius at their craft. That restaurant that you went to 20 years ago and still remember?!

Now that I have you thinking, stop it! Stop thinking and HIT REPLY to set up your FREE SUCCESS SESSION with me. My only guarantee is that I WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. That is the only thing our studio does better than any other place in the Burg. I believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist

call or Text 757 589 7028 to set up your FREE SUCCESS SESSION
==>P.S- Current members forward this to a friend who needs their life changed! We can help them schedule their FREE CONSULT AND TRIAL SESSION! And you get entered to WIN A FREE MONTH of training!

Too Busy? Injured? No excuses!!

I get these excuses a lot! Of course if it’s a serious injury that has to be taken care of before starting a training program. Today I am going to give you a few tips to make progress when it seems like everything is working against you!

The first thing Is to realize that if there is no perfect time to start,  that means every time is the perfect time to start. Take one small step towards your goals, today!  The all or nothing mentality is the absolute worst mentality to have when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. Whenever I see someone go from doing nothing for months or years to “all in” for 7 days a week of training  I know it will end in long term failure. The same with extreme diets. Going from what you are currently eating to eating  “perfect” for the rest of your life is a recipe for disaster.

Lets also make sure your goals are realistic.  You can’t complete a 4 year degree in one semester, so stop thinking you will lose 30lbs in 28 days. Too many of you are looking for quick fixes instead of focusing on building a foundation so strong you will never go backwards! If you don’t have a strong foundation you will be the person who starts and stops over and over again. A strong foundation also includes the people you surround yourself with. They will take you from A to B to C, not A to Z overnight. A to Z overnight means you will go backwards in the future! One of the main reasons our members get results is because of accountability and coaching!!

A few tips for those who are busy==>

Start by choosing compound multi joint exercises(work a lot of muscles at once) instead of wasting your time on strength training machines that are doing nothing. Choosing the right 3 to 5 exercises(for you) will work your body in less time (and way more effective) than a bunch of isolation exercises. Most of the isolation stuff is overrated, especially for people short on time. You can’t even pick up a pencil off the ground without using your entire body! So why spend all of your time on useless machines? If you are intimidated by these exercises or don’t know where to start then hit reply and we can schedule a one time session.

Reduce the rest periods between your strength training exercises in order to get more work done in less time.This is a form of progress also! doing more work in less time!! This is how we program our strength training with circuits, appropriate HIIT, metabolic conditioning, and supersets. It also allows you to get the cardiovascular benefit without having to step on a boring treadmill. It is  much safer than the constant pounding that comes with running!!

Understand the law of diminishing returns when it comes to programming exercise. Understand you only get the benefit of what you can recover from!! You don’t need a full hour to workout. You can get a lot done in 20 to 30 minutes if its programmed right! A lot of people are just cutting into recovery with junk volume on exercises that are doing nothing! Some are just causing injuries by doing more than what you are ready for!

Lots of people are viewing people  at big box gyms wasting their time separating cardio and strength training. You know the people who talk in between strength sets and brag about their 90 minute workout! Not too many people really understand how exercise actually helps with transformation. It’s more than burning calories during exercise!! This is why strength training programmed the right way is superior to just cardio for body composition.

Avoid doing nothing! The nothing got you in trouble! It was not because you had a few bad workouts or a few bad meals. It is always because of an extended period of time of doing nothing towards your goals. Success  ALWAYS comes from effort, over time! Do the math on what 1 to 2 workouts a week equals over a year. If you have done nothing at all, and add 1 to 2 workouts a week ,it will improve your quality of life! I see this with our active ageing program and the ability to do everyday task that were not possible a year or 2 before. It’s more than fat loss people!!!

A few tips for those who might have to work around injury ==>

Focus on what you can do!! Follow our red light green light system to help you modify in the group setting! You might have a knee issue but can still do our low impact variations,  Romanian deadlifts, or sled drag variations  compared to squats and lunges. Maybe you have a low back issue and we take you into mobility exercises or single leg work to avoid bending over and putting stress on the back. Maybe we remove all of the getting up and down and jumps if you are just starting. Maybe you have a shoulder issue and replace the pushing with rowing towards your body, more posture work. The options are endless!

Start slower than you think you have to!  We analyze the risk and reward of every action before having you just go exercise. You are almost guaranteed to get hurt if you try to return from a layoff going right back into crazy hard session! It makes me sick to my stomach to see these large group classes that don’t take the time to know everything about you!! Everyone needs to be treated different! A real trainer will take the time to know this and find the right program for you!

Technique is everything!– If you are not doing the exercise right you are getting nothing out of it except an injury!

Your body(and goals) changes over time!  A program that worked for you in your 20s might not be ideal for you in your 40s, 50s, 60, over 70! Maybe a beach body is not your goal and it’s just enjoying life with your grandkids! Maybe it’s time to focus on mobility, flexibility, functional strength, and a program geared towards YOUR SPECIFIC GOALS!!

Building a foundation starts with the FREE 30 minute consultation. I can tell the fitness industry has been watered down with overnight certified trainers and fad programs when people are willing to hand over money before meeting with someone.  You would not give someone money and say “fix my car” if they could not tell you the problem?! Hold us to a higher standard people!! Do your research!! A real trainer will never give recommendations to someone without  knowing what goal you are trying to reach! Your specific challenges!!

During the FREE SUCCESS SESSION we get to know more about you, your schedule, previous exercise history, injury history, goals, budget, preference of group size or if you prefer semi-private/personal training, etc. A quick meeting of about 20 to 30 minutes to see if we are even a good fit for each other!! If you need to set this up just respond to this email or text 757 589 7028. Not like the places where you end up paying for what you are not using. Individualized group personal training, not a group class!

Just about every fitness center out there works for people who will get results anyway. Our goal is to create an atmosphere for the other 95% that are failing to reach their fitness goals. The people who need more than a big box gym or large group class. Who need the accountability and don’t want to pay personal training prices.  You have to make it a priority! You have to view it as an investment that will pay for itself over and over again. HIT REPLY so we can change your life!!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C

You’re doing it wrong (Technique)!!

I was scrolling through facebook  the other day and saw a video of a group class  that made me want to holler, and throw up both my hands!!! Today Let’s discuss the purple elephant in the corner of the  room when it comes to group training. People doing the exercises wrong!! This is kind of a big deal people!! Which leads to the most important thing when it comes to any training……SAFETY!!!

It’s makes me angry when people don’t realize safety comes first. I’m hot just like an oven thinking about it. I can’t hold it in much longer. But when I get this feeling, I need  healing that only writing can provide, for me.  Oh mercy, mercy, me!!..Things just aren’t what they used to be!!! Where did all the qualified trainers go?! What about these overcrowded group classes? How much abuse from these trainers can people take?

In our group sessions we always address SAFETY FIRST. We take the time at the FREE 30 min. consultation BEFORE you train to understand EVERYTHING about you! We can then pick exercises that are safe for YOU in the group setting! And correct you if you are doing them wrong!! Yes, even in the group setting!!! We red light a few exercises that are not a good fit. We then green light a few modifications to keep you moving. To keep you safe!! I understand some of you just want to lose weight, have fun, and are addicted to the burn from exercise. That’s cool, but WE can do this SAFELY!

Lets start off with quick questionnaire that will determine if exercise technique is something you need to be concerned with. Based on your answers I will be able to determine the best program for you!

1.Do you care about your knees?

2.Do you care about your shoulders?

3.Do you care about your neck? Your back? Your neck and your back?

 If you answered NO to all 3=> You are probably still in your early  20s and have never had any issues at all. Enjoy being able to “get away” with making bad decisions. Just understand your decisions will catch up with you.

If  you answered YES to ANY of the above keep reading.

Talk to me, so you can see, oh, what’s going on, with….

1.Your exercise technique

2.If there is a mobility issues that has to be corrected BEFORE you can do the exercise correct

3. Flexibility

4. Soft tissue work

5. If the exercise is even safe for you based on your initial assessment

6.your current fitness level to find the best starting point for YOU!

7. your program design(or lack of)..it might just be too much! too soon!

8.The correct program…group, semi private, personal training?

Sometimes,  in our lives , we all have pain. But, if we are wise, we know that there’s always tomorrow. Lean on me, when you’re not strong, and then I will…

  1. Help you with modifications based on the assessment of YOUR situation
  2. Mentally Coach you! Some of you need someone to say “that is not a good idea.” Some of you need that push to say “you can work out and around your current injury”
  3. Make you a stronger, better version of yourself. It’s a gradual process though!
  4. Tell you when to back off for a while In order to recover
You’ve got to give it up!!!-

Some of you are used to going to big box gyms, standing around, because you are too nervous to really get to work with a real program. You don’t know what to do but we are here to help.  You’ve got to give it up and have faith that someone has the answer(us! choose us!)

So, Let’s get it on…. We’re all sensitive people, but our staff has so much to give. We have a way of making you feel like you fit unlike those big box gyms and fad gyms.  I’m not going to push, won’t push you, like those places that just have sales people asking for your money before they even know you. C’mon, stop beating around the bush and HIT REPLY to make progress towards your fitness goals!  We will set up a  quick 5 minute call (757 589 7028-feel free to text) to go over programs. We will then set up a 30 minute consultation for no charge. We will then give you the chance to try it out with no contract before having to make a decision.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM HFS
757 589 7028

Did Bodybuilding Ruin Fitness?

Yes, and No. Let me explain. I am going to break this down into the positive, negative, and how to find information that applies to you!

The positive –
The positive is that cool book by Arnold I remember getting back when I was 16! So I guess it can provide a little motivation to see what the body is capable of when pushed. I  have respect for anyone, in any endeavor, who puts in the hard work to reach the top. These are extremely dedicated individuals and there are a lot of things we can learn from them. They definitely helped to increase the popularity of strength training and this is a good thing.

The negative-
95% of the information that comes from them does not apply to the people who need a transformation the most. Even if some of it works, it’s not sustainable for most people who don’t spend their life in the gym. Tons of myths were created by the bodybuilding industry.

I have to go after the eat 6 times per day to speed up your metabolism one first. Plenty of studies have shown this is not true=>

Plenty of studies have shown that it does not help control appetite better. Just one of them=>
The right meal frequency for you is the one that makes it easier to stay on your plan long term. It might be 3 meals. It might be 6 meals. But in the end one is not better than the other. If I was working with a 250 pound bodybuilder with  4% bodyfat I would tell them to eat 6 times per day. I would tell them this because they can DIET on 4000 calories per day….Not a single person on my newsletter can do that so….

Pro Bodybuilders make most of their money off supplement sponsorships
If you spend 4 hours in the gym and then 2 more weighing the amount of broccoli you eat that gives you….not a lot of time for a real job! Money is behind a lot of bad information. If I had to sell a protein shake I would tell you to eat 6 small meals per day. I would tell you this because I know you are not going to eat 6 regular small meals per day and then you would have to ….buy from me!!

“Buy my workouts and supplements! Because my work ethic and dedication for the past 15 years, drugs I take, and genetics have nothing at all to do me looking this great! It’s the protein powder and this magic workout!”- Said every pro bodybuilder ever 
Note- Let me repeat this again. I am not trashing bodybuilders. I am not saying they all take drugs. But the top level pros in the magazines…….?

Orthorexia Nervosa– Orthorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by an excessive preoccupation with eating healthy food.  some people’s dietary restrictions intended to promote health may paradoxically lead to unhealthy consequences, such as social isolation, anxiety, or the loss of ability to eat in a natural, intuitive manner. I find that a lot of people are constantly swinging back and forth between trying to be perfect, and then eating terrible the second they make a “mistake.” Eating is not that complicated. No, I am not saying everyone that participates in bodybuilding has an eating disorder. Stop putting words in my mouth!!! I am just saying …eating is not that complicated. I do understand its hard to change habits but your mindset and lack of quality coaching is making it harder.

Bodypart Splits– If your goal is to lose a few pounds then you don’t need an arm day. Trust me, you don’t need an arm day!! The arm day is hurting you!!Muscle protein synthesis stays elevated much longer in pro bodybuilders taking steroids. They can get away with anything. The average person who Is not living in the gym does much better with full body workouts! They also burn a few more calories per session! I can go on and on about this one point alone but I will save this for another article.

I focus on movement patterns. I use the joint by joint approach. So for example when you push away from your body you work the chest, shoulders, and triceps, at one time. This saves time and gets better results compared to 5 exercises for the chest! Your 5 exercises for the chest will probably lead to a shoulder injury. Most of you are stressed out with horrible recovery habits. You don’t need to dip into your ability to recover from a session by doing a 5th exercise for your biceps. You need to spend some of that time addressing the areas you are weak at…..mobility, flexibility, or spend more time working on your grocery list if the goal is fat loss.

So with a joint by joint approach we think about the needs of each joint and area of the body. For example the needs for each joint……
Foot – Stability
Ankle – Mobility
Knee – Stability
Hip – Mobility
Lumbar Spine – Stability
Thoracic Spine – Mobility
Scapula – Stability
Gleno-Humeral Joint – Mobility
Elbow – Stability

If you lack mobility in one of these areas then you will get injured somewhere else. If you lack stability in one of these areas you will get injured there or somewhere else. So, yeah, like a program that is ACTUALLY backed by science and proven to work. That is what we do without all the hype and non sense. And guess what??!..you are different from every other person in the room working out and that is how we treat you!!

Strength training is not JUST A SPORT!!– I have to say this because people think the only way to train falls under some category like bodybuilding or crossfit. No!!!!! No!!!!! And NO to strength training making you bulky!! It does not!!! Your goals! your program!!! Some of you are afraid to do the one activity that will improve your quality of life the most……..because of these dumb myths!!

Just make sure you do your research, and listen to YOUR body. Don’t just follow someone because they have abs or they claim their program is backed by science. Make sure they have HELPED PEOPLE LIKE YOU gets results!

Do you lack motivation? Need the accountability? Sick of all the fads popping up  trying to take your money before getting to know you? If so just email us at [email protected] and schedule your FREE SUCCESS SESSION  with me today!!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C

Train to Thrive Past 40

Five training secrets to feeling your best as you age

You can teach an old dog new tricks

Step outside of your comfort zone. It’ll be good for you. Novel exercises require the body to work differently, and they provide a new stimulus. Therefore, you’ll reap the rewards of working harder without having to over stress your body in the same taxing way.

If you have been running your entire life, you probably need more strength training. If you are the power lifter- bodybuilder type then you probably need to spend more time doing some mobility/flexibility work. If you are the person who just does flexibility work then balance it out with some strength training.

That being said, keep the focus on what you can still actually do. People always obsess over what they can’t do when they can still do so many exercises to keep them going towards their goals! Personally, I love the barbell when it comes to bench presses, dead lifts, and squats (competed with them for a while) BUT ITS NOT A TOOL I USE MUCH for myself, and those I work with. It is a tool that worked very well for me in my 20’s, but now after decades under that bar, it is not forgiving and causes more injuries than it helps. I had to change my programming around with different variations and new tools to keep me progressing towards my goals.

Train intuitively

Some days you rock up to the gym and you could crush everyone. Other times you barely drag yourself there after a 14-hour work day. Do you think you should train the exact same both days?

Use tools such as biofeedback or RPE scales to intuitively understand where your body is at on a day-to-day basis. 10 reps might seem easy today, but if tomorrow you’re struggling to crank out five, your perceived exertion could be the same with totally different workouts. In the same vein, if you’re cruising through 30 reps when you’re meant to be doing 12-15, quit being lazy and maximize your good training days.

The same goes for exercises prescription. I like to give clients a choice of a few exercises I’d like them to hit in a training plan. Meaning, if I want them to do a squat movement, I might give front, back, goblet, landmine or even single leg squats as an option. The best movement not only varies by individual, but also by how your body responds to it on the day. By using biofeedback testing, your body will tell you which motor pattern it prefers. And why waste energy trying to swim upstream? Go with what your body feels is right, and save that extra energy for moving weights and feeling better.

Finally, if you have kids, stress, own a business, a crazy boss, or any of the other things that come along with living that adult life, listen up. Go ahead and try that 7 day-per-week body part split if you want. Let me know how it works.

Are you destroyed after a few weeks? I’m not surprised.

All of my sessions cover dynamic flexibility, static flexibility, strength, cardio mobility, soft tissue quality, balance, and just about everything in a 45-minute period. If you only have an hour to squeeze in a gym session every day, don’t waste it on only doing cardio for an hour with no warm-up, no isolated strength training, nor any day-to-day assessment.

Real life calls for real life adjustments. Learn to listen to three main factors – your exertion levels, your body’s preferred motor patterns, and your general life stress – and you’ll continue to thrive as you age.

Ask yourself why you’re doing a certain exercise

A hammer is a great tool to have, but I hope you don’t use it for every home improvement project.

People get obsessed over one specific exercise or form of training because so-and-so is doing it. Back squats are king. Barbell snatches are the only way to get explosive. I heard bur pees are the best body weight exercise, so I have to do them until I collapse.

Why? If your goal is to look better, feel better, and have more energy, there isn’t a specific exercise that is going to get you there. For a total body workout, some sort of push, pull, quad dominant, hip dominant and core exercise should be prioritized. But a quick Google search will show there are about a thousand different ways to hit each of these areas.

The magic comes when you are working within a program that puts your needs first. An exercise prescription should be just that, a prescription. It should be different for each person. When a so called professional just has everyone run or whatever without modifications it’s not a good program.

Unless you’re a physical specimen somehow still competing at Olympic levels while pushing 40, don’t focus on trying to beat the 20-something power lifters at their own game. There’s a reason retired NFL athletes have 14 knee replacements – they had to train through that pain to get a paycheck. You don’t. Maybe set the barbell down and do some single arm dumbbell presses, a bottoms-up kettle bell floor press, or a sled pull. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the gains you can make when you work smarter, not harder.

Understand your injury and health history

Remember the common-sense health stuff like flossing your teeth, wearing a seat belt, not smoking, and training smart. Sure, you can live life on the edge, but how long can you go until it catches up with you?

The majority of you work out to look better and feel better. Ironically, something about our culture also glorifies the “no pain, no gain” mantra. Rather than fight through everything, prioritize feeling better, and you can stay in the game long enough to look better. Nothing kills progress like getting injured.

I meet with tons of people each week and it’s a rare case that they are coming to me with no previous injury at all. The most common are shoulder, knee, or low back/hip issues. Whether it’s from an old sports injury, doing chest 15 times a week in college, or degenerative joints and chronic swelling, take care of your body. Check your ego at the door and know that you’re actually doing yourself a favor.

The only time you need to fight through pain is in an actual competition where your ranking matters. Otherwise, modify things! If it hurts more than just making your muscles tired, it’s time to change it up. Grab a lighter weight or swap an exercise out entirely.

What’s even more tricky? Too often the injury is not where you feel the actual pain! For example, when I see someone with a low back injury, 9 times out of 10 they lack hip mobility and flexibility. That shoulder issue might come from terrible posture and you probably need more rows then to continue pushing over and over again. That knee issue might be coming from lack of ankle mobility. We address soft tissue with the foam roller before each session because it’s usually a missing link in most programs. That’s not saying a foam roller will solve all of your problems, but a little self-care goes a long way. Your body is connected. Like I said before, maintain a balance of flexibility, joint mobility, multidirectional stability, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Take the time to do extras. Which leads me to the final point.

Recover harder

Just because you feel better an hour after your workout doesn’t mean you’re fully recovered. A chronic injury will still be there. Your body is still fighting to rebuild its glycogen stores, remove inflammation, and restore your body to baseline. It can take up to 72 hours to fully recover, even when you’re a young whipper-snapper. Add age to that, and you’re constantly trying to catch up.

But there’s good news! Plenty of exercise physiologists and people in white coats have done the work to discover how to speed up this process. Eating well, sleep, and hydrating are the first steps. There’s absolutely no substitution for proper fuel and a good night’s rest. Additionally, hydrotherapy, massage, compression and elevation, or active recovery such as a light bike can move the fluids and toxins around your body. In short – the good stuff arrives and the bad stuff goes away more quickly.

Periodize deloads

You can’t go hard 100% of the time. A good general rule of thumb is take some time to deload. The amount might vary based on your weekly training load or overall schedule, but plan to take a bit off and go easy. Lower the weights, decrease volume, and focus on your form. Grab a few friends and go for a hike, or work on a few tight areas and mobilize them. Whatever it is, give your body some time to catch up and rebuild.

No, this is not an excuse to sit around and drink beer all day. Movement heals, so apply exercise to your advantage. Use your good friend the RPE if you want, and work up to a light sweat where you’re still smiling through it.

Final thoughts

Learn how to train when life gives you lemons.

Plan for it. Deal with it. It will happen. When I see people say, “well now is the not the right time to start or sign up because everything in my life is not perfect yet”…I cry, laugh,  go Samuel l Jackson on a med ball, and then scream at my computer to resist the urge to punch through it. THIS. IS. THE. REASON. YOU. NEED. IT. THE. MOST! If you have recently picked up some momentum with your fitness program, don’t just stop because you did not lose 50lbs in the past 3 weeks.  That big box gym or franchise that pops up every other week, does not care about you when life starts getting rough. You need help with the other 23 hours, not just the one you spend in the gym. Grab a coach or a workout buddy and create a plan for imperfection.

***It’s time to prioritize you!! – Hopefully you want to see your kids grow up, have the energy to help your parents, and just overall live your life! Good luck doing those things if you don’t have your health. Block it out on your calendar, and get some help!! Where is your money and your time going now? If its towards fast food, or keeping up with the Kardashians, then you might want to re-evaluate. Make the decision first. Don’t try to figure it out first. This is where we come in! I know you have been jaded by the fitness industry, and for good reason…BUT WE ARE DIFFERENT!  I have seen people with worst circumstances that made a few sacrifices, and it was the best decision of their life.



Can You Sustain It?!

Writing this one from Boston after attending an awesome Perform Better Conference! My goal is to take the entire conference and sum it up with one sentence. This will be hard because when I start talking about things I am passionate about I can go on for days. So here is it goes……

Success NEVER happens overnight so put yourself in a position to do things proven to work, over time.

This is the main reason our studio focuses on accountability, coaching, education, and finding your specific workout plan. New to working out?…..no problem! Working around an injury? We can make this happen!

Ok, stay with me, because that statement was boring. The conference was very exciting, to me. We spent hours talking about scapular retraction, injury prevention, and how to get people to do boring fundamentals that get results. Ok, I am boring, but we had fun!

The funny thing is when I talk to people who don’t understand our profession they assume we just workout, create new exercises, discuss protein shakes, and learn to scream at people. Sadly, there are lot of fakes in our industry who do this. They ruin it for ALL of us. Sadly, there are tons of fad diets that won’t help anyone. Sadly there is a new group class popping up every week with 100 people In a room who have terrible technique on every single exercise.

Below are a few things I learned or was reminded of…….

*Take the time to build a strong foundation centered around habits. Stop falling for overnight success traps. The time to build a strong foundation is longer than a month people! If your child decided to drop out of school after a semester or year what would you say? I see people every day who are right there….and then quit!!! Nothing upsets me more than to see people who have gone from doing nothing to being on pace for a life transformation, quit.

*People who are successful find a way to make complex things very simple. A successful transformation is not complicated at all. It just requires a ton of patience and hard work. If someone is making it seem like they have the “secret” to solve this “complicated” issue they are a scam. It’s about developing habits!!

*The obstacle is the way – I took that from one of my favorite books but find a way to turn a negative into a positive. That injury can either stop you or teach you to train smarter. The diet that did not work can teach you what not to do! Stay the course and stop giving up!

*connections matter – This is the main reason I went to the conference. The knowledge is great but the connections with others last a life time. The main reason our members stay consistent is because of the connection to something much bigger. The connection to their “workout family.” The main reason we have been around since 2011 is because we don’t say…….”hey here is the price, want to workout?” like all the other places. We take the time to connect with members.

Any trainer can make someone tired and sore. Only a great coach can make someone better”– Martin Rooney. I heard this one years back but cool to see him saying it in person. When I see these programs who take complete beginners and make them workout until they throw up, it makes me want to throw up. I flat out HATE programs that don’t take the time to know anything about the people they train, BEFORE training them.

No workout or diet is going to work if your lifestyle/environment is a mess – If you are slouched over a computer all day then it will be hard to correct a shoulder mobility issue with a few sessions a week. If you get 4 hours of sleep every night then nothing is going to help you. If you are trying to lose weight but you have 5 boxes of girl scout cookies in front of you then good luck!! The people you surround yourself with are also very important!!

If you are ready to change your environment and have someone hold you accountable then hit reply. We are here to help!! Ask us anything and remember to set up your free one on one consultation to get advice specific to YOUR goals. We understand their is a big difference between group training and training individuals within a group.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C