WTFitness is going on? – Spot A Scam Series (Part 1)

Results Performance Training has been open since 2011. Between 2001 and 2010 I had to work at a gajillion places as a trainer(also coach, teacher, and more). Today is part one in a series of just about everything they don’t want me to say. Why am I saying this ? My goals are to….

=>Prevent you from making mistakes(save some money and time)

=>Change the life of the person who has experienced terrible service from the fitness industry and is about to give up. WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME!

=>Teach you to think, for yourself

=> Prepare the next generation of “REAL” Trainers that will then go on to change more lives

=> Create a new category called “Lifestyle Transformation Center”.. That is what we do better than any other place in Williamsburg. A place for the “other 95
%” …….Take your terms gym, personal trainer, crossfit, boot camp, and just throw them out the window. Open your mind and follow my journey through 18 years in this CRAZY industry!

Commercial Gym personal training . I loved the people I worked with and hated how the system prevented me from changing lives. I was forced to follow cheesy sales script to get members to sign up for Personal Training . The script was designed to make the person feel bad about themselves, find stuff wrong with them, and then tell them how long it would take to fix all of these problems. So you can then ask for a long term commitment from a person who has not had a chance to try it out first. We see this model in other health professions. There is more money in making you dependent, not independent. At least those other professions have higher standards for entry. Why they get more respect than us “trainers” ….There are good and bad in EVERY industry.

They have to script the sales process because they hired non sales people(trainers) in their 20s who would have made great trainers if the gyms invested in them. They invested all of their money on the people selling the memberships! That is where all the money is coming from . Selling memberships to people they don’t care about. I say don’t care because 95 percent of them will show up for 3 weeks in January to never come again or be checked on. For those keeping track at home……Everyone in position of power at these places has never trained a person a day in their life. Now if you are in this to be a “Real Trainer” lets keep in mind you won’t be making any real money in this industry until you have put at least a decade in. And you don’t deserve to until you have proven you are passionate enough to breakthrough when everyone else breaks down.

group classes at big box gyms…pretty much worthless for people who need change , from a business model they can’t invest too much into these group session, trainers, or classes. It’s not making them a lot of money. Make them good enough to attract some people . Overall we keep getting back to the same point….people that (kind of) can stay in shape with no help are the only ones who benefit from this system. The people who have no clue will get fooled by this system, frustrated, and then give up. So let me make it clear one more time….If you fall under this category, put your trust in me, HIT REPLY…I WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. That is about the only thing I know I can do better than all of these other places.

The commercial gyms are not done taking your money yet…they are going to empty your pocket by selling you shakes that are going to load in more calories than you burned during the entire week of training, or month, because you only went 3 times. I mean some of these places even give away pizza!! WTFitness is going on? So you went for the cheapest gym option and still did not get your moneys worth? Not your fault. You don’t know any better. So now you plan to go to a smaller studio and……

Fad Chain boutique Gyms =>

Smaller Studios are going in the right direction right? Not so fast! They hop on, copy the latest trends. Sadly these trends will be around 5 to 10 years if they are lucky. They sell their soul out with the lowest price option up front just to get people to use for social proof. To make it seem like their programs works. Most of them are franchise models so they can steal transformations from the other 500 locations and make it seem like local people are getting results.

The initial rush to these places is similar to that person who loses 20lbs in 3 weeks. They forgot to build a foundation so that weight will pile back on! 30 people hopping around in a room (even if the trainer was halfway descent, usually not) is too much off the bat ……no personal attention, no attention to details like injury, the other 23 hours. so once again….maybe some people who will get results anywhere or some 20 year old can survive, but, everyone else….???

Now why do people fall for this non sense? Lets not forget you are falling prey to sales geniuses. Well, the genius is the person who sold the gym, not the person who purchased a gym model to use. Their long term downfall is that the people with money have never trained or changed a life a day in their life. These are not real coaches and trainers. The worst nightmare of a real trainer or coach is to be stripped of their creative ability to create and connect. They just pick someone based off how good they look. I mean some of them claim to empower women, but then don’t empower women to be leaders within their organization? There is so much going on in your head, that you don’t even know, is going on in your head!

So now you are listening to a one trick pony gym/trainer who can only sell a pure beat down session in most cases. The problem is the beat down method does one thing well….beats up people and injures them. People only know what they “feel” though, so it’s “better” until, or maybe even after, they get injured? Group atmosphere, adrenaline, endorphins, and a bunch of subconscious and society stuff will fool you into making bad decisions……over, and over, again.

The goal of the business is to scale it as fast as possible for growth….this hurts the people that need us the most! Each new gym in the franchise model is a watered down version of the original. If you are a trainer starting your career here your growth is capped forever. If you are investing in this model just realize it’s like eating at McDonalds. They are popular. But lets stop comparing it to that chef who is a genius at their craft. That restaurant that you went to 20 years ago and still remember?!

Now that I have you thinking, stop it! Stop thinking and HIT REPLY to set up your FREE SUCCESS SESSION with me. My only guarantee is that I WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. That is the only thing our studio does better than any other place in the Burg. I believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist

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