About Detric Smith

I want to help personal trainers who are focused on becoming the best.



New to the industry? Not sure how to start your fitness career? I can help you avoid the common obstacles of breaking into personal training. We’ll build your book of clients, fine-tune your coaching game, and get you noticed by prospects and employers alike.


Have you established a strong book of clients but you’re not earning what you’re worth? I can teach you how to effectively increase your salary immediately. We’ll also cover negotiation skills, business marketing, and long-term career planning including outsourcing.


Do you own a gym and you want all of your trainers to be on the same level? I will help your team level up. I offer corporate coaching for commercial and local gyms that want to feature an all-star team of trainers who sell as effectively as they train.


I have over two decades of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, development coach, and owner of Results Performance Training. I’m the author of “Fit for Life” and my articles have been featured in Stack and Elite FTS, to name a few websites.

Education and Certification Highlights:

Proven Benefits of Services

Pays for Itself

When you hire a development coach, you make an investment in your future. You’ll learn how to charge more for your services while increasing your client load. The result? Developmental coaching pays for itself.

Save Time

What if you could achieve in three months what takes most trainers three years? Development coaching is a straight path to success without the mistakes that your average trainer goes through.

Make More Money

What is your time worth? If you’re like most trainers, you are underestimating what you’re worth, which means you’re undercharging. Learn how to start charging based on the value you provide and not an hourly rate.

Stress Less

Fitness is a rapidly changing and fast-growing industry. The fierce competition in the industry is a common trigger for stress… but it doesn’t have to be. Coaching helps you clear common hurdles, decreasing your stress and improving your confidence.

Earn Respect and Credibility

Earning more respect and credibility in the fitness industry can help with getting more clients and charging more for your services. I’ll teach you how to become a respected member of the industry and not a here-today-gone-tomorrow fitness fad.

Design Your Path

Do you feel like you’re being pulled along by the current with no direction in your career? Together, we will design an action plan for laying the foundation of what will become your fitness business.

I want to help personal trainers who are focused on becoming the best.

I know only too well how difficult it can be to get your personal training business off the ground and maintain success year after year.

I’ve worked with both amazing and awful coaches. So, I know that you aren’t taking the decision to hire a coach lightly.

Over the last two decades, I’ve made it my mission to study the habits, strategies, and techniques of personal trainers and coaches who are successful and, most importantly, happy.

I’ve taken decades of experience and observation and distilled that into action-based coaching. Now, I want to impart that wisdom on to you.

Are You Motivated and Determined to Succeed?

Are you new to fitness and you feel overwhelmed, uncertain where to begin?

Have you established a foundation, but you feel stuck, wondering what the next level is?

You can fast track your fitness business and get to where you want to be.

I can show you how.

Check out my services page to learn more about how I can help you fast track or improve your fitness business. Or contact me, and let’s chat about your future success as a personal trainer.


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