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"Running a training facility requires just as much knowledge in business as it does in training, if not more. Detric was a great mentor on both sides of the spectrum and was always willing to share his knowledge which was so helpful. Information that I received was of far greater value to me than any training course could have given me because I encountered real situations in real time. I have tons of confidence now and feel I could train future trainers because I got to see so many different training situations."


"I have now a better understanding of the business side of fitness after the internship. Detric's success in operating his own studio for years speaks volumes to his business acumen. His ability to pivot with the ever shifting fitness environment and remain in business with a healthy clientele, especially over the last year with the challenges of Covid-19, clearly demonstrates the depth and breadth of Detric's business savvy attributes."


"I have more confidence! There was a lot of "real life", therefore practical information that I learned with this internship that was not directly covered in the certification course. Detric made me feel welcome and never made me feel stupid about the simple questions I asked. The way he openly answered questions thoroughly and honestly (didn't try to sugar coat any of the real life stuff that happens) really helped me."

Kimber Rozier

"Detric has been in this game for a while and offers both wisdom and direction in a way that only a true mentor can."


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