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WHY Email marketing?

  • Helps you close the long sale. They are all long sales!

The biggest sales mistake trainers make  is not realizing how important follow-up is! I use my newsletter to follow up without feeling like a pain in the ass. I get in front of them every week with content that helps to solve their problems. They appreciate this more than “Hey, buy my stuff “ a million times. 

You still need to have an offer in every single newsletter. You will also want to create a signature that explains the ways they can contact you and get started with your services. 

  • Helps you get members to return to your services!

Most of the people who leave you will come back at some point. They are going through this thing called LIFE. Bonus points if you know what song that came from! 

The best way to stay in front of them is to continue to provide solid advice that lets them know you are the best option! A solid email marketing plan will allow you to set up reactivation campaigns to get past clients back in the doors.

  • Helps you build trust and increase the value of your services! 

You will stand out from the rest if you put out solid content. Not the same ol thing that everyone else is doing! 

Some tips …….

  • Create a Lead Magnet! – Create, or have someone else help you create, an ebook in exchange for their contact information.

  • Make it about your readers- It’s about them! If your average client is over 50 with an injury or two and has not worked out in 10 years, then videos of you deadlifting 500 pounds is not going to work! Dive deep into their specific problems. Survey your members on the type of content THEY want!

  • Have offers, but don’t go too crazy trying to sell – The quickest way to get them to unsubscribe is by sending out emails with buy my stuff every week! You must add value with quality content. I am NOT saying don’t ask for the sale!!

  • Have a super signature and subtle CTAs inside of the newsletter – Create offers that are weaved into your content. For example, if you need my business coaching services to help you figure out how to set up a solid email marketing campaign then text business coaching to 757 589 7028 🙂

  • Segment your list – If you serve different types of people then segment your list. For example, if you serve athletes and gen pop, then that should be two different lists. 

  • Helps you become a better writer/communicator – Forcing yourself to write every week for your newsletter will improve your writing skills! Improving your communication skills will lead to more money.

  • Hire  a writer if necessary – Too busy? Consider hiring a fitness writer to help you create content! If you need any assistance with this text “fitness writer” to 757 589 7028 and I can help you develop content for your target market.

  • Make a video – No time for writing? Make a video if that is your thing!

  • Repurpose this as your blog post and social media posts- No need to come up with different content for every platform! 

  • How often should I send out a Newsletter?

Something is better than nothing! We say this to our clients all the time, but we often get hung up on the all or nothing  mindset ourselves.

If you are crazy busy and don’t have as many clients, even once a month or twice a month can work.  As you get more clients, increase the frequency to at least once a week, then maybe more than that. Focus on keeping the content quality! Don’t just send out something to send out something. 

  • Can I use my regular email or should I choose a Platform 

Not a good idea to use your regular email. If you are truly in the beginning stages with next to no clients, then it’s not the end of the world. 

There are quite a few platforms that can work and you are not locked into one forever. Aweber, constant contact, mailchimp, and quite a few others. These platforms allow you to track stats as to who has opened your email, what they clicked on, and will allow you to segment and schedule emails. You will want people to have the option to unsubscribe.


Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM -EP

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