Certified! Now what?

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This is NOT the time to hand over all your money to fake business coaches promising you 6 or 7 figures, before they even take the time to know if you are a good trainer!

You need to build a foundation. And it’s about all the other stuff they never teach you in your certification programs!

What if you had a team in your corner that ………

Explained what you should expect and told you exactly what to do. Now, you do. In this 6 week course we will jumpstart your fitness career and go over the following lessons….

  • Marketing and sales —

Creating a networking plan for you with other fitness professionals and potential customers in your local area400

Helped you with low cost marketing options that fit into your new trainer budget

Helps you save money by finding the best low cost options for websites, graphic designers, and many more professionals!

Basic sales training

Positioning yourself as the expert for people who actually have the money to pay you, and not just like your photos on IG

  • Find your ideal job/Interview prep—

Helps you research your local area for Training positions

Helps you create a resume that stands out amongst potential employers

Helps you with mock interviews so you are prepared and confident for your next session

Professionalism from the eyes of the “old school” owner/trainer who will be interviewing you! ….How should I dress for a personal training interview?

Other priceless lessons on guidelines for phone, text, email, and social media professionalist

Helps you understand the different types of jobs in fitness and which one is the best fit for you based on your experience and personality

  • Program design and coaching skills–

Write program design alongside you, for your actual clients. We will also help you create templates and workouts based around your ideal client

For those local- lessons at our studio /potential internship options…for not local, virtual lessons and phone one on one phone calls

Talks over speciality certifications you may, or may not need

Emotional intelligence and how it impacts your fitness career

  • From employee to independent?

Are you ready to be independent? The basics of being an independent trainer and how to know if you are ready or not?

This is ONLY for dedicated trainers ready to reach the next level in their training career! This is NOT for someone who just wants to be an “influencer” or in it just for the money.

You will need to have time for….

Weekly calls with Detric

Homework for the week

Accountability check-ins

If you are interested in setting up a 15 min call to see if this program is a good fit for you, text 757 589 7028 with “Certified, now what?” to Learn more about the program and set up a no charge consultation!