You’re doing it wrong (Technique)!!

I was scrolling through facebook  the other day and saw a video of a group class  that made me want to holler, and throw up both my hands!!! Today Let’s discuss the purple elephant in the corner of the  room when it comes to group training. People doing the exercises wrong!! This is kind of a big deal people!! Which leads to the most important thing when it comes to any training……SAFETY!!!

It’s makes me angry when people don’t realize safety comes first. I’m hot just like an oven thinking about it. I can’t hold it in much longer. But when I get this feeling, I need  healing that only writing can provide, for me.  Oh mercy, mercy, me!!..Things just aren’t what they used to be!!! Where did all the qualified trainers go?! What about these overcrowded group classes? How much abuse from these trainers can people take?

In our group sessions we always address SAFETY FIRST. We take the time at the FREE 30 min. consultation BEFORE you train to understand EVERYTHING about you! We can then pick exercises that are safe for YOU in the group setting! And correct you if you are doing them wrong!! Yes, even in the group setting!!! We red light a few exercises that are not a good fit. We then green light a few modifications to keep you moving. To keep you safe!! I understand some of you just want to lose weight, have fun, and are addicted to the burn from exercise. That’s cool, but WE can do this SAFELY!

Lets start off with quick questionnaire that will determine if exercise technique is something you need to be concerned with. Based on your answers I will be able to determine the best program for you!

1.Do you care about your knees?

2.Do you care about your shoulders?

3.Do you care about your neck? Your back? Your neck and your back?

 If you answered NO to all 3=> You are probably still in your early  20s and have never had any issues at all. Enjoy being able to “get away” with making bad decisions. Just understand your decisions will catch up with you.

If  you answered YES to ANY of the above keep reading.

Talk to me, so you can see, oh, what’s going on, with….

1.Your exercise technique

2.If there is a mobility issues that has to be corrected BEFORE you can do the exercise correct

3. Flexibility

4. Soft tissue work

5. If the exercise is even safe for you based on your initial assessment

6.your current fitness level to find the best starting point for YOU!

7. your program design(or lack of) might just be too much! too soon!

8.The correct program…group, semi private, personal training?

Sometimes,  in our lives , we all have pain. But, if we are wise, we know that there’s always tomorrow. Lean on me, when you’re not strong, and then I will…

  1. Help you with modifications based on the assessment of YOUR situation
  2. Mentally Coach you! Some of you need someone to say “that is not a good idea.” Some of you need that push to say “you can work out and around your current injury”
  3. Make you a stronger, better version of yourself. It’s a gradual process though!
  4. Tell you when to back off for a while In order to recover
You’ve got to give it up!!!-

Some of you are used to going to big box gyms, standing around, because you are too nervous to really get to work with a real program. You don’t know what to do but we are here to help.  You’ve got to give it up and have faith that someone has the answer(us! choose us!)

So, Let’s get it on…. We’re all sensitive people, but our staff has so much to give. We have a way of making you feel like you fit unlike those big box gyms and fad gyms.  I’m not going to push, won’t push you, like those places that just have sales people asking for your money before they even know you. C’mon, stop beating around the bush and HIT REPLY to make progress towards your fitness goals!  We will set up a  quick 5 minute call (757 589 7028-feel free to text) to go over programs. We will then set up a 30 minute consultation for no charge. We will then give you the chance to try it out with no contract before having to make a decision.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM HFS
757 589 7028