Did Bodybuilding Ruin Fitness?

Yes, and No. Let me explain. I am going to break this down into the positive, negative, and how to find information that applies to you!

The positive –
The positive is that cool book by Arnold I remember getting back when I was 16! So I guess it can provide a little motivation to see what the body is capable of when pushed. I  have respect for anyone, in any endeavor, who puts in the hard work to reach the top. These are extremely dedicated individuals and there are a lot of things we can learn from them. They definitely helped to increase the popularity of strength training and this is a good thing.

The negative-
95% of the information that comes from them does not apply to the people who need a transformation the most. Even if some of it works, it’s not sustainable for most people who don’t spend their life in the gym. Tons of myths were created by the bodybuilding industry.

I have to go after the eat 6 times per day to speed up your metabolism one first. Plenty of studies have shown this is not true=>

Plenty of studies have shown that it does not help control appetite better. Just one of them=>
The right meal frequency for you is the one that makes it easier to stay on your plan long term. It might be 3 meals. It might be 6 meals. But in the end one is not better than the other. If I was working with a 250 pound bodybuilder with  4% bodyfat I would tell them to eat 6 times per day. I would tell them this because they can DIET on 4000 calories per day….Not a single person on my newsletter can do that so….

Pro Bodybuilders make most of their money off supplement sponsorships
If you spend 4 hours in the gym and then 2 more weighing the amount of broccoli you eat that gives you….not a lot of time for a real job! Money is behind a lot of bad information. If I had to sell a protein shake I would tell you to eat 6 small meals per day. I would tell you this because I know you are not going to eat 6 regular small meals per day and then you would have to ….buy from me!!

“Buy my workouts and supplements! Because my work ethic and dedication for the past 15 years, drugs I take, and genetics have nothing at all to do me looking this great! It’s the protein powder and this magic workout!”- Said every pro bodybuilder ever 
Note- Let me repeat this again. I am not trashing bodybuilders. I am not saying they all take drugs. But the top level pros in the magazines…….?

Orthorexia Nervosa– Orthorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by an excessive preoccupation with eating healthy food.  some people’s dietary restrictions intended to promote health may paradoxically lead to unhealthy consequences, such as social isolation, anxiety, or the loss of ability to eat in a natural, intuitive manner. I find that a lot of people are constantly swinging back and forth between trying to be perfect, and then eating terrible the second they make a “mistake.” Eating is not that complicated. No, I am not saying everyone that participates in bodybuilding has an eating disorder. Stop putting words in my mouth!!! I am just saying …eating is not that complicated. I do understand its hard to change habits but your mindset and lack of quality coaching is making it harder.

Bodypart Splits– If your goal is to lose a few pounds then you don’t need an arm day. Trust me, you don’t need an arm day!! The arm day is hurting you!!Muscle protein synthesis stays elevated much longer in pro bodybuilders taking steroids. They can get away with anything. The average person who Is not living in the gym does much better with full body workouts! They also burn a few more calories per session! I can go on and on about this one point alone but I will save this for another article.

I focus on movement patterns. I use the joint by joint approach. So for example when you push away from your body you work the chest, shoulders, and triceps, at one time. This saves time and gets better results compared to 5 exercises for the chest! Your 5 exercises for the chest will probably lead to a shoulder injury. Most of you are stressed out with horrible recovery habits. You don’t need to dip into your ability to recover from a session by doing a 5th exercise for your biceps. You need to spend some of that time addressing the areas you are weak at…..mobility, flexibility, or spend more time working on your grocery list if the goal is fat loss.

So with a joint by joint approach we think about the needs of each joint and area of the body. For example the needs for each joint……
Foot – Stability
Ankle – Mobility
Knee – Stability
Hip – Mobility
Lumbar Spine – Stability
Thoracic Spine – Mobility
Scapula – Stability
Gleno-Humeral Joint – Mobility
Elbow – Stability

If you lack mobility in one of these areas then you will get injured somewhere else. If you lack stability in one of these areas you will get injured there or somewhere else. So, yeah, like a program that is ACTUALLY backed by science and proven to work. That is what we do without all the hype and non sense. And guess what??!..you are different from every other person in the room working out and that is how we treat you!!

Strength training is not JUST A SPORT!!– I have to say this because people think the only way to train falls under some category like bodybuilding or crossfit. No!!!!! No!!!!! And NO to strength training making you bulky!! It does not!!! Your goals! your program!!! Some of you are afraid to do the one activity that will improve your quality of life the most……..because of these dumb myths!!

Just make sure you do your research, and listen to YOUR body. Don’t just follow someone because they have abs or they claim their program is backed by science. Make sure they have HELPED PEOPLE LIKE YOU gets results!

Do you lack motivation? Need the accountability? Sick of all the fads popping up  trying to take your money before getting to know you? If so just email us at [email protected] and schedule your FREE SUCCESS SESSION  with me today!!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C