Can You Sustain It?!

Writing this one from Boston after attending an awesome Perform Better Conference! My goal is to take the entire conference and sum it up with one sentence. This will be hard because when I start talking about things I am passionate about I can go on for days. So here is it goes……

Success NEVER happens overnight so put yourself in a position to do things proven to work, over time.

This is the main reason our studio focuses on accountability, coaching, education, and finding your specific workout plan. New to working out?… problem! Working around an injury? We can make this happen!

Ok, stay with me, because that statement was boring. The conference was very exciting, to me. We spent hours talking about scapular retraction, injury prevention, and how to get people to do boring fundamentals that get results. Ok, I am boring, but we had fun!

The funny thing is when I talk to people who don’t understand our profession they assume we just workout, create new exercises, discuss protein shakes, and learn to scream at people. Sadly, there are lot of fakes in our industry who do this. They ruin it for ALL of us. Sadly, there are tons of fad diets that won’t help anyone. Sadly there is a new group class popping up every week with 100 people In a room who have terrible technique on every single exercise.

Below are a few things I learned or was reminded of…….

*Take the time to build a strong foundation centered around habits. Stop falling for overnight success traps. The time to build a strong foundation is longer than a month people! If your child decided to drop out of school after a semester or year what would you say? I see people every day who are right there….and then quit!!! Nothing upsets me more than to see people who have gone from doing nothing to being on pace for a life transformation, quit.

*People who are successful find a way to make complex things very simple. A successful transformation is not complicated at all. It just requires a ton of patience and hard work. If someone is making it seem like they have the “secret” to solve this “complicated” issue they are a scam. It’s about developing habits!!

*The obstacle is the way – I took that from one of my favorite books but find a way to turn a negative into a positive. That injury can either stop you or teach you to train smarter. The diet that did not work can teach you what not to do! Stay the course and stop giving up!

*connections matter – This is the main reason I went to the conference. The knowledge is great but the connections with others last a life time. The main reason our members stay consistent is because of the connection to something much bigger. The connection to their “workout family.” The main reason we have been around since 2011 is because we don’t say…….”hey here is the price, want to workout?” like all the other places. We take the time to connect with members.

Any trainer can make someone tired and sore. Only a great coach can make someone better”– Martin Rooney. I heard this one years back but cool to see him saying it in person. When I see these programs who take complete beginners and make them workout until they throw up, it makes me want to throw up. I flat out HATE programs that don’t take the time to know anything about the people they train, BEFORE training them.

No workout or diet is going to work if your lifestyle/environment is a mess – If you are slouched over a computer all day then it will be hard to correct a shoulder mobility issue with a few sessions a week. If you get 4 hours of sleep every night then nothing is going to help you. If you are trying to lose weight but you have 5 boxes of girl scout cookies in front of you then good luck!! The people you surround yourself with are also very important!!

If you are ready to change your environment and have someone hold you accountable then hit reply. We are here to help!! Ask us anything and remember to set up your free one on one consultation to get advice specific to YOUR goals. We understand their is a big difference between group training and training individuals within a group.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C