Tell me what to eat Detric!!! (Q and A)

I get this question a lot! My number one goal is to set our members up for LONG TERM success. Developing habits that last a life time, which allows you to lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF. Some of you have lost the same 10lbs, like 20 times, so keeping it off is important.  I am going to give you some guidelines on what to eat while explaining why I don’t just spit back with….chicken, broccoli, water, egg whites, and this “magic” protein powder!!

Lets first address the purple elephant in the corner of the room =>

Too much terrible information from people who make their money off selling supplements and books. Too much information that has been rehashed for decades without being questioned because “A Doctor said it” or “it worked for Tom Brady, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Beyonce!!” It’s so much easier to justify failing when the story in your head is “this is too complicated. I just cant figure it out!”

There are a lot of (so called) trainers that would rather make themselves look good by giving you an 800 calorie per day diet which gets results for 3 weeks. These stupid trainers will make it seem like it’s your fault because you don’t have the will-power to follow “the plan” for the rest of their life. They are setting you up for an eating disorder. They are setting you up for long term failure. They just want your money. They are lazy by giving you a one size fits all plan without taking the time to know anything about your preferences, weaknesses, and STRENGTHS.  A plan is a starting point. A plan with no attention to your individual needs and adjustments is worthless.

For those of you who think I danced around the ….

Q–SO, DETRIC, WHAT SHOULD I EAT to lose the weight!!!!!!!

A- ok, first off, stop screaming at me through the computer screen! Here is the “secret.”  I am not even going to charge you 3 installments of 29.99 for it. Are you ready?!

First off, you need a coach who is NOT going to dance around the real issue. When you ask me what to eat I will ask you to at least take the time to record what you eat for a week. So I can see what the real problem is! It’s not your entire diet. It’s usually one to three things we have to focus on.

Your brain is going to say….

“it’s because I ate after 9pm” or

” I failed to eat breakfast” or

“It was the carbs” or

“All that insulin from the fruit” or

“I failed to eat organic cucumbers” or

“It’s because I failed to eat 6 times today” or…..

No!!!! I am not going to let you dance around the……..alcohol, soda, eating out 5 times last week, sweets, or some other obvious problem. How about we address this first!  It’s not because you had broccoli after 9pm. It’s not because you had an apple or a banana. Your metabolism is not suffering because you only ate 4 times instead of 6 times yesterday. The story in your head will do anything to convince you it’s something other than the real issue.

I am going to tell you…….

You did not gain 20lbs in 3 weeks so lets not expect to lose it in 3 weeks. If you accomplish it your metabolism is going to be so screwed up I  guarantee the weight will pile back on, plus some.

The story in your head, the self-talk, always wins. So that is why you NEED A COACH WHO IS NOT AFRAID TO tell it like it is and get you back on track!

We don’t have to REMOVE anything. We have to reduce the frequency and amount of the “bad foods.”  If you focus on what you can’t have you will crave it 24/7.  Your plan will end in 3 weeks.

You have a lot of strengths we can build around. I just plan to find your weakness and address it OVER TIME to build a habit. Turn it into a strength.

There is no magic workout that will cause you to burn a million calories + a million more while you are sitting on the couch. You will not outwork a bad diet. Ever.

We just need to find  a way to reduce the calories a bit. Common sense rules like increasing % of  protein, water, fiber, devoting some time to prep/shopping, and finding ways to reduce/replace your weakness is all it takes. We have to Address the environment so it’s easier to make good decisions.

Ok, so I told you those things, again. Unlike the fads and books I am here to walk right next to you and make it happen! I am not here to say it’s easy, but when you HIT REPLY  I am here to help. Even if you don’t pay me a dime I will answer questions. I come off a bit aggressive in my writing but my coaching style is a combo of my past experiences. Part strength and conditioning/football coach+ a blend of kindergarten teacher+ trainer since 2001+ a bunch of other stuff.  I will sit across from you and know if you need a hug or a butt kicking, and I can deliver both. You don’t need another one trick pony gym with overnight certified trainers.  Those places only work for people who get results no matter where they go. You need a leader who is going to look you in the eyes and say “follow my lead”….That is the RPT difference.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C

P.S.- You can reply and ask me the cost and that’s cool BUT ask me what you get with the cost people!! I take the time to sit across from you and ask questions about your goals, schedule, budget, preference of group size, injuries, exercise history, etc. BEFORE I start asking for money! Too many fakes talk about changing  your life for (enter dollar amount) and can barely remember your name! HIT REPLY or Text 757 589 7028  and see what happens!!