Tell me what to eat Detric!!! (Q and A)

I get this question a lot! My number one goal is to set our members up for LONG TERM success. Developing habits that last a life time, which allows you to lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF. Some of you have lost the same 10lbs, like 20 times, so keeping it off is important.  I am going to give you some guidelines on what to eat while explaining why I don’t just spit back with….chicken, broccoli, water, egg whites, and this “magic” protein powder!!

Lets first address the purple elephant in the corner of the room =>

Too much terrible information from people who make their money off selling supplements and books. Too much information that has been rehashed for decades without being questioned because “A Doctor said it” or “it worked for Tom Brady, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Beyonce!!” It’s so much easier to justify failing when the story in your head is “this is too complicated. I just cant figure it out!”

There are a lot of (so called) trainers that would rather make themselves look good by giving you an 800 calorie per day diet which gets results for 3 weeks. These stupid trainers will make it seem like it’s your fault because you don’t have the will-power to follow “the plan” for the rest of their life. They are setting you up for an eating disorder. They are setting you up for long term failure. They just want your money. They are lazy by giving you a one size fits all plan without taking the time to know anything about your preferences, weaknesses, and STRENGTHS.  A plan is a starting point. A plan with no attention to your individual needs and adjustments is worthless.

For those of you who think I danced around the ….

Q–SO, DETRIC, WHAT SHOULD I EAT to lose the weight!!!!!!!

A- ok, first off, stop screaming at me through the computer screen! Here is the “secret.”  I am not even going to charge you 3 installments of 29.99 for it. Are you ready?!

First off, you need a coach who is NOT going to dance around the real issue. When you ask me what to eat I will ask you to at least take the time to record what you eat for a week. So I can see what the real problem is! It’s not your entire diet. It’s usually one to three things we have to focus on.

Your brain is going to say….

“it’s because I ate after 9pm” or

” I failed to eat breakfast” or

“It was the carbs” or

“All that insulin from the fruit” or

“I failed to eat organic cucumbers” or

“It’s because I failed to eat 6 times today” or…..

No!!!! I am not going to let you dance around the……..alcohol, soda, eating out 5 times last week, sweets, or some other obvious problem. How about we address this first!  It’s not because you had broccoli after 9pm. It’s not because you had an apple or a banana. Your metabolism is not suffering because you only ate 4 times instead of 6 times yesterday. The story in your head will do anything to convince you it’s something other than the real issue.

I am going to tell you…….

You did not gain 20lbs in 3 weeks so lets not expect to lose it in 3 weeks. If you accomplish it your metabolism is going to be so screwed up I  guarantee the weight will pile back on, plus some.

The story in your head, the self-talk, always wins. So that is why you NEED A COACH WHO IS NOT AFRAID TO tell it like it is and get you back on track!

We don’t have to REMOVE anything. We have to reduce the frequency and amount of the “bad foods.”  If you focus on what you can’t have you will crave it 24/7.  Your plan will end in 3 weeks.

You have a lot of strengths we can build around. I just plan to find your weakness and address it OVER TIME to build a habit. Turn it into a strength.

There is no magic workout that will cause you to burn a million calories + a million more while you are sitting on the couch. You will not outwork a bad diet. Ever.

We just need to find  a way to reduce the calories a bit. Common sense rules like increasing % of  protein, water, fiber, devoting some time to prep/shopping, and finding ways to reduce/replace your weakness is all it takes. We have to Address the environment so it’s easier to make good decisions.

Ok, so I told you those things, again. Unlike the fads and books I am here to walk right next to you and make it happen! I am not here to say it’s easy, but when you HIT REPLY  I am here to help. Even if you don’t pay me a dime I will answer questions. I come off a bit aggressive in my writing but my coaching style is a combo of my past experiences. Part strength and conditioning/football coach+ a blend of kindergarten teacher+ trainer since 2001+ a bunch of other stuff.  I will sit across from you and know if you need a hug or a butt kicking, and I can deliver both. You don’t need another one trick pony gym with overnight certified trainers.  Those places only work for people who get results no matter where they go. You need a leader who is going to look you in the eyes and say “follow my lead”….That is the RPT difference.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C

P.S.- You can reply and ask me the cost and that’s cool BUT ask me what you get with the cost people!! I take the time to sit across from you and ask questions about your goals, schedule, budget, preference of group size, injuries, exercise history, etc. BEFORE I start asking for money! Too many fakes talk about changing  your life for (enter dollar amount) and can barely remember your name! HIT REPLY or Text 757 589 7028  and see what happens!!

Thoughts on Crossfit? (Q and A)

I love the questions!! Keep them coming!!

Q. What are your thoughts on crossfit?

I get this question a lot. I also get people asking me “is it like crossfit?” when asking me about what we do at RPT. The answer to that question is no. Not even close. I in no way, shape, or form want to be associated with crossfit. At all. Ever.

The positive(one paragraph)-

Now I am going to start off by trying to say something positive about crossfit. I guess there are people doing it that could be sitting on the couch? When these popular trends pop up  I guess it does get some people trying different things and maybe a jump start? The group atmosphere can help people stay motivated and accountable. The popularity of it increased the amount of people doing strength training (if that is what we want to call it). Crossfit back in 2000 was much different compared to today. They have some great business minds behind it that caused it to take off. Now every weekend we have thousands of “coaches” getting “certified” after 2 days. To be fair to crossfit the popularity is the reason they end up on the spot with questions like this. We could easily be talking about other trends and/or fads.

Things I don’t like about crossfit?

The chance for injury is very high. The majority of my points below will focus on this.

WORKOUT VS TRAINING ?– most people don’t know the difference between the two but training means we are planning this out over weeks and months to work towards a goal. For example, using  common sense and not killing yourself on the first workout back after a decade. Training involves modifications based on the person. Training involves easy days in the training to help with recovery so you can push it on other days. Training involves making modifications so that you can DO THIS FOR LIFE. Real trainers spend hours each week writing program design and finding modifications.

A workout is something you are doing just for a feeling you have today. The feeling of being “crushed” or “smoked”  is addicting to some and makes for a great meme but not for long term progress. It could potentially lead to progress, but not always. I find these are the same people who also end up injured all the time. These places know that this “feeling” is addicting to some people.

EXERCISE SELECTION– An exercise that Is the best in the world for one person can be the worst for the next. It’s why we always encourage modifications, doing the 30 min. consultations, and following a few common sense rules like….”don’t do things that hurt you.” There Is no such thing as an exercise that must  be done to get results. The magic is when you have a coach that knows how to modify the session and overall program to fit your needs!!

If someone has a descent amount of weight to lose and they are jumping on boxes this falls under the category of stupid. Jumping in general is probably not a good idea for them!  A kipping pull up is not a pull up. Olympic weightlifting is something that  is VERY TECHNICAL and takes more than a session or 2 to teach!! Do it for high reps in a state of fatigue, with lack of screening before,  and you will get injured. I can all but guarantee this. You have to analyze the risk and reward for each exercise in the program.

Is the popularity a good thing?  I can’t just pick on crossfit with this one. A lot of people need us as fitness professionals. A huge need has created a ton of overnight certified trainers. A huge need has created tons of chains that expand while watering down the quality of coaching/training. All I can say is do your research. Research more than the individual’s abs or quality of photos/memes on Instagram. It’s just like all of those restaurants you should not be eating at. McDonalds is popular, but is the quality of food close to that mom and pop spot?

variety is good, but how much do you really need?– I believe in variety in order to keep things interesting for people that need the motivation to stay on a plan. But when it’s completely random we end up in a situation where people end up getting average at 90 million things, great at none. Their chance for injury goes up because they are not taking the time to master the basic movements when they only do them once every 3 weeks.

When I hear someone talk about “muscle confusion” I know they don’t know what they are talking about. Confuse it by lifting a little more weight the next time you are in the gym. Early in my career the majority of my time was spent working with college and pro athletes in sports performance centers. They were motivated by results, not “feeling” like they were getting results.  We had about 6 movements we hammered every week and a few other things thrown in the mix to prevent imbalances/injuries. Lets look at success in any field for a second. It  always comes down to being great at a few basics.

So who is it for?– ugh…it is some people’s cup of tea, I guess. And I have nothing against these people. I have respect for the athletes and the work they put into the “sport”. Usually some former athletes can GET AWAY WITH IT for a period of time.

I feel strongly that for my target market it’s not ideal. My target market being people who are usually busy professionals, already have an injury or 2, and just want to lose some weight and feel better. There is a MUCH better way.

I also feel very strong in saying that crossfit is not ideal for youth athletes.   There is a reason not one single college or pro strength and conditioning program in the nation uses crossfit to make their program better. There is a reason it’s not something that is even brought up in college Kinesiology programs or respectable conferences. I know some of you think as trainers we sit around all day and invent new exercises while taking selfies of ourselves.  THIS IS AN ACTUAL SCIENCE, AND THERE IS AN ART AND SCIENCE BEHIND COACHING.

A few fundamental issues that I keep returning back to with every single blog post….

*Just because something works for someone else does not mean it will work for you! Just because something worked for you 20 years ago does not mean it will work for you again!

*Really pay attention to the person giving advice. I seriously wish our industry was regulated much tighter and all of these overnight certified trainers did not exist. If someone is going to work with your body pay attention to more than their abs. Question all of us!!!

*If someone is taking your money BEFORE knowing anything about you and your goals they are scam. If they don’t take the time to know about your previous exercise history, injuries, schedule, budget,  etc. then they are not legit.


Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C

Terrible Fitness Information!!

Today I am going to take some time to share some must read articles from people I trust. There is too much information out there. The majority of it is worthless and does more harm than good.  I plan to highlight a few in the industry that deserve more attention!! Check out the articles and studies below!

You’re Supporting the get rich schemes of 21 year olds and it’s ruining fitness!=>

Read the above  article about 49 times. It’s one of my all-time favorites. It’s so easy to get sucked into the latest fads. Being great at marketing, sales, or having  6 pack abs does not mean that person is an expert at working with your body!!

How to Buck the Trend of Weight Loss Failure=>

Warning- Some Explicit language in this one above. He does get right to the point on how your next great diet will not work. No shot of working. It’s why we focus on changing habits, accountability, coaching, and finding a plan that fits with your lifestyle. There is no magic involved.

Which is better?-Low Carb vs. Low Fat Study-

A longer one for people who like all the details. For those who do not …The results of this study contribute to a large body of evidence indicating that, for weight loss, neither low-fat nor low-carb is superior (as long as there’s no difference in caloric intake or protein intake)…. The most important part of a plan are the adjustments I help you make so you can stay on your plan!!

All Women Should Lift weights=>

Quick summary- muscle= metabolism=fat loss. You will not get bulky, not possible. Seriously…..Do it if you want to look better and improve the quality of your life!!! All the cardio in the world without getting stronger will get you no where!!

Remember to send over your questions!! Even if you are not a member send them over! We have more information and fitness places than ever yet our nation continues to get worse!!! Seek out quality information and coaching. We are all not the same!!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM-EP-C

P.S. — Anyone who is willing to take your money without taking the time to know your goals, exercise history, injury history, schedule, budget, preference of group size, and everything about you is a complete fraud! So take the time to do your research! Ask me anything at [email protected]!!

Epic Fail- Transformation Edition

The stories you are about to hear are true. The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. I have a reputation for telling it like it is. The truth is that not everyone who walks in the door loses 100lbs.  Our members get results because of the accountability, coaching, atmosphere, and education we provide. It’s more than exercise. We can learn more from our failures so check out a few below. If you are one of these people then HIT REPLY and I am here to help!

PERFECTIONIST PEGGY– I met with Peggy on December 23rd. She told me she wanted to get started on the first Monday of the new year. Peggy had not exercised in 7 months and was eating pretty bad when we met. She was ready to make a change. A big change! She was going to go from eating McDonalds and drinking coke daily to eating organic broccoli and grilled chicken. Her plan was to work out 7 days per week.  For the rest of her life.

Peggy was doing great, for 3 weeks. She went on a work trip and had one “bad meal.” The meal snowballed into another 7 months of doing nothing in regards to exercise or diet.

LESSON LEARNED – All she had to do was make a few small changes and put her improvement in perspective. She was on pace for huge transformation if she just remained consistent. I was proud of Peggy but I think Peggy felt like a failure because she did not “stick with the plan.” I told Peggy up front her perfectionist mentality was the complete opposite of every transformation I had coached in the past.

GETTING RESULTS REBECCA– Rebecca is getting results so how does she fall under the fail list? Rebecca had no patience at all. She was not tracking her results accurately. Rebecca was in the program for 4 weeks. One week she was sick so lets not even count that. She is down 4 lbs of fat during the last 4 weeks which is amazing! The problem with Rebecca is she is just looking at the scale, all the time, which was the same.

She had some issues with fluctuating water weight. She also gained back a pound of muscle which is improving her metabolism, but she did not see it this way. Rebecca gets frustrated and just gives up because of the stupid scale!  She was on pace for an amazing transformation but that scale got into her head.

LESSON- Have some patience. Track results with an accurate assessment.  Pay attention to how your clothes are fitting. But don’t obsess over the scale. I see people who are actually getting results stop because of unrealistic expectations. All of those transformations signed up for the long term, so we can coach them through the ups and downs.

KNOWLEDGE KIM– I was talking with Kim and she knew more than I did! Kim had enough diet books to pay for her son’s first year in college, but failed to get results. The only problem was none of that information was going to help her get results.  She had too much information. She could not distinguish between what was important, and what was not.  She would get Results for a few weeks and then switch over to the next book which was supposed to be better. One week she was putting butter in her coffee, and the next week she was on the sweet potato diet.

LESSON- Education is one thing. Execution of a solid plan is another thing. Execution trumps everything.

CRUSH IT CARY!– Cary was making a few changes to her diet but she was all about smashing it at the gym! A former athlete whose plan was to hit it hard and get that “afterburn.”   She thought she was burning 800 calories per session based on what the sales people and overnight certified trainers were telling her. She took this information and justified eating a cupcake, or 4.

Cary was obsessed with feeling like she had been run over by a truck after each session. She would take pre-workouts and prep for each session like it was the super bowl. She could not even work out unless she was hooked up to 95 gadgets that tracked her performance.  In the past week alone she posted 37 memes on Instagram about crushing it at the gym and how sore she was. If there was no soreness then the session did not even count to her.

One day she had a “bad session” and ending up depressed and not going  to the gym for a week. Her gadget (which was off 99.49% of the time) told her so, so she believed it.  She could not even enjoy going for a walk with her dog without tracking every single thing.  Cary was depressed because after all that hard work she had no results to show for it.  She was beginning to notice that her workouts became her life. She was also injured all the time. She was jumping on boxes and mastered below average technique on Olympic lifts, but not one pound lost.

LESSON- You will never out train a bad diet. Working out is supposed to enhance your life, not take away from it. Do exercises the right way or you will get hurt. Have some fun with this! Look at the big picture!!

SUPPLEMENT SALLY- When I met Sally she was spending more on supplements than food. Her coach would tell her to eat a 1000 calories per day,  and work out every day. Her coach would tell her that taking so and so supplement would also speed up the results. Sally lost weight but destroyed her metabolism. She could not connect the dots and thought the supplement was the reason for her results. She continued to take the supplements even though the weight piled back on.  Sally was spending more on supplements per month than for quality training, but did not see the value in coaching.

LESSON- The scam artist are out to take your money. Watch out for them! Supplements don’t do much at all. The trainers who push these things get a decent paycheck from affiliate sales, but can’t train their way out of a wet paper bag. Lots of these scams will find people who transformed their lives with a solid method, then pay them to say it was because of the supplement.

FIGHT THROUGH IT FELICIA –  Felicia came to me with a messed up knee. I told Felicia “I am going to have you stay away from jumps, lunges, change of direction stuff, and getting up and down.” Felicia came to session one and did not listen to a thing I said. She did not modify a thing even though I told her over and over again to stop it! This was one of the rare cases where I had to tell someone Bye.

LESSON- We are all different. There is a reason we take the time to offer adjustment for each person. You will get hurt if you don’t listen to your coaches and try to fight through the pain.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM-HFS

P.S. – Anyone who is willing to take your money without knowing a thing about your goals, previous exercise history, schedule, budget, injury history, class size preference,  etc is probably not that great at their job. Email us at  and tell me more about yourself. Ask me a question!!!!!

People still believe this?! – Fitness Myths

Let me dive right in this weekend with fitness myths. The main reason I blog is because I am sick and tired of these overnight certified trainers spreading myths. I am sick and tired of people taking advantage of what you don’t know  to make money. I am sick and tired of people who just lump all of us “trainers” in the same category. A few myths below that we need to discuss!!

Squatting(low) hurts your knees?– yes, squatting with terrible technique does hurt your knees. Squatting with good technique is going to be fine and help prevent injury.

I also hear people say do half squats instead of full squats. The truth is squatting  thighs parallel to the floor is ideal. You are not getting an extra benefit from getting into the “catchers” position where you butt is about to touch the floor. This can take tension off the legs, potentially bother knees, and most people can’t do it without rounding their low back.  When you do repeated half squats your quads get stronger but your hamstrings and butt do not. This creates a muscle imbalance over time and then your knees will hurt. So it comes down to…….we are all individuals and getting expert advice will be the difference between seeing a benefit and getting hurt!

Doing a million crunches will remove the stomach fat?-  The person who does 3 million crunches  per day will see no benefit over the person who controls what they put in their mouth. You are essentially wasting your time going for a “6 pack” if your diet is terrible. Studies even show more ab activation with exercises such as overhead pressing than quite a few ab exercises.

Sweating and soreness as indicators of results?– I have seen so many people sweat buckets and get sore all the time, with no results at all. The people that focus on moral victories will get them, with no results to show for it. Yes, you will sweat. Yes, you will have some soreness. This is normal.

People hire me to reach a goal and get results so I tell the truth. The people that believe this are also the main ones who kill themselves In the gym just to get injured. The same ones who hop around from program to program and equate coming close to death with results. Any coach can make you tired, but it takes a qualified one to make you better! ….and tell the truth!

Long distance running is enough to work the legs?– I hear people who think that running is making their legs stronger. Not really. Only an EXTREMELY  deconditioned individual would see a strength benefit. The benefit would be for a VERY short period of time, at the beginning of their exercise routine. There are also 49 million other ways to see more of a strength and conditioning benefit.

These deconditioned individuals often fall into the category of those who are overweight and trying to lose weight. I personally never recommend long distance running for those who are overweight. The chance of them getting injured is EXTREMELY high. Much higher than someone who is lighter. Sprinting can definitely work the legs.  We keep coming back to YOU ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS AND NEED TO GET EXPERT ADVICE BASED ON YOUR SITUATION.

Cardio is just running, biking, or elliptical?- You get a cardiovascular benefit from keeping your heart rate elevated. period. There are 49 million different ways to do this. We do this in a way that is perfect for busy people who want the metabolic benefit of strength training at the same time. People who text message in between sets of strength training will not get it. Those who choose the correct exercises and program them well will get that benefit without wasting time.

machines are safer than free weights?- People can get injured on machines the same way they can get injured doing free weights. The issue we are dealing with is people not knowing how to do exercises the right way. People do the boring treadmill and strength machine workout because they fear looking like a fool in the gym. These people also get bored and quit. This method is inferior to GETTING EXPERT ADVICE AND DOING THINGS THAT WORK!

The afterburn effect and EPOC!!— This is a bunch of hype. These people took some studies and blew them waaay out of proportion. They take the extreme cases and try to apply it to everyone. When the studies say MAYBE an extra 50 to 150 calories during the 24 hours after. Most people were on the low end of that if not lower.  This will turn into a novel if I go all in on this one today. I plan to, but until then if you see any of these “experts” who want to debate me on this topic please set It up!! Do your research on it and questions every single thing!! Even look at the studies in regards to how these workouts affect your appetite, cortisol levels, hormones, etc.

So it goes back to….get expert advice. Make sure that person knows what they are talking about. Make sure it’s not a front to sell another dvd, protein shake, piece of equipment,  or diet book. Make sure that person takes the time to know your individual goals and challenges. It’s the reason I don’t just take your money before knowing anything about you. It’s the reason you have to hit reply and take advantage of the FREE CONSULTATION OR SEND OVER A TEXT TO 757 589 7028 to set up a call to see if we are a good fit for you!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C

Football and Fat Loss?! + Bold Prediction

I am ready for the game! So today I am going to provide some fat loss tips with a football theme!

Games are won before the players even step on the field – When someone comes to me with a goal of fat loss the first thing we address is blocking out time to meal prep, make a grocery list, train, and create a plan. We also address the mindset it takes to win! You can not execute a plan that does not even exist!

The quick huddle method- Before just about every play you will see the teams have a quick talk over the next play. I encourage most of my members to set up a stop watch for 5 minutes each night to jot down a few notes about challenges and how they will attack them the next day. A small investment in time that will make a huge difference!

Supplements= The kicker. – The kicker will come into play during certain parts of the game, when needed. Lets not focus all of our attention on the kicker. If you are the person willing to invest more on supplements than training and quality nutrition there is no shot you will win!

Half time adjustments– At some point you will have to check in with your coach and look at the scoreboard. This is why we offer the 30 min consultations and assessments for no charge . To get you back on track!

Protein, fiber, water= run the ball, great defense, and a solid offensive line. – If you focus your game plan around getting really good at the basics you will be in the game at all times. You will be able to make some adjustments to the other parts of the plan and still have a chance to win! When people are hitting their daily targets for protein, fiber, and water they are usually on the right track!

Get a first down before a touchdown!– Most of you are worried about losing 20lbs, but can’t get focused on losing one. If you can lose one pound you know how to lose 10, 20, 30, or 100. Get focused on taking baby steps and staying consistent. We will keep you motivated and hold you accountable!

The red zone!- I work with quite a few people who get the ball all the way to the end zone, but can’t get it across the line. They eat perfect all day and then right before bed blow it! They are losing weight, but might need that extra push to lose the last few pounds! They might know what to do, but need the accountability to get the ball across the line and score!

The blitz package- During certain parts of the year or week you have to go all in! This is why we have our 4 and 6 week jump start programs. To help you get focused and build habits that last for a life time. I then provide the coaching and a game plan to make this a sustainable lifestyle change. IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THESE PROGRAMS HIT REPLY!

The game vs. the season-   I view this fat loss season as 12 games. Each one is a month long. You just finished game one which is January. How much progress did you make? If you “won” can you keep it up? If you lost are you going to let that loss stay in your head and prevent the next win?

Whoever wants it more usually wins– Seems like common sense but you will not be beating someone you can’t outwork. You might be competing with yourself, but look in the mirror and ask yourself if you can do better. Then go do it!

Losers choke under pressure, and winners “just win baby” win! Which one are you? The challenges will continue to get thrown at you. I call this life. I love them. I know it removes 95% of my competition. WHEN they come I am going to learn more about myself and the people around me. Surround yourself with winners. It will change your life forever!

trick plays don’t win championships- All these fads and new programs popping up sell lies and are nothing more than “trick plays.” They might look cool,  but they don’t win championships. You need a solid plan that can be executed over time. Dynasties are built with a strong foundation and strong leadership.

Back in 2011 when I opened up Results Performance Training I started my to do list with “Results and Relationships” every. single. day. When the haters and doubters said “don’t get a studio”,  “don’t leave your teaching job!”, or “there is no way you can compete with the franchises with money” I returned to the fundamentals and went to work. Block out the noise and get to work! The most important part of your success is something they will never be able to measure. Winners never play for 2nd place. It does not even exist in their heads.

It will not happen without a coach!!!– No matter how much you know, or how talented you are, you will not win without a coach! So if you are tired of not getting results then HIT REPLY and we can get to work!

***2 Bold predictions***

– In 2019 the 49ers will beat the Jaguars in the Super Bowl 35-17
– One of you “strangers” on this newsletter is going to finally HIT REPLY because you are ready to give RPT a shot! And when you do, I am going to set you up for a no charge consultation to see if you have the mindset to be on the RPT team. Just call/text 757 589 7028 or HIT REPLY and we will win this thing together!

“Success is like anything worthwhile. It has a price. You have to pay the price to win and you have to pay the price to get to the point where success is possible. Most important, you must pay the price to stay there.”-Vince Lombardi

Best/Worst Exercises- Chest/Shoulders/Triceps Edition

What is the best exercise for…….?? Today I am going to focus on Chest, shoulders, and triceps and then later articles will go into back,  lower body, core, and more!

This is a question I receive a lot and today I will attempt to send out my thoughts to thousands of people, with different goals. This will be hard because I write all of my programs from scratch. Everyone is different. One exercise can be the best exercise in the world for one person ,and the worst for the next.

Another reason why we start with the NO CHARGE CONSULT.  Most places start by bragging about how great they are. We start off by listening to goals, budget, schedule, needs, etc.

So when I am picking exercises  I take a lot of things into consideration. A few of them are…….

  • goals!
  • Their previous exercise history 
  • injury history 
  • risk vs reward
  • things I have seen over the last 2 decades training people
  • time they have to train
  • what they enjoy doing
  • is this group setting , semi private setting, or personal training? 
  • overall life stress which correlates with their ability to recover
  • recovery, again 
  • their strengths and weaknesses
  • different phases throughout the year
  • how much variety that person needs to stay motivated
  • age and training age of the individual 
  • equipment they have access to
  • ……and TONS of other things!

So because I work mostly with people that don’t have 3 hours per day to workout I have a system where we train movements vs just thinking in terms of muscles. This allows us to hit all the muscles in the body, save time, and also prevent injuries.

I focus on and assess the persons ability to … PUSH, PULL, HINGE AT THE HIPS, SQUAT, CORE (very general but I will use terms you know), and carry things. We then have sub categories with different angles, isolation exercises based on their assessment, etc. Power based on the individual.

So here are my top  exercises for chest, shoulders, and triceps and then I will comment on some exercises that are overrated……..

****PUSH AKA chest, shoulders and triceps—

Top exercises—

DB bench press

Landmine Presses

standing DB overhead press (not seated)

pushups and their variations

some variations of dips

They are on the top because they work a lot of muscles at once. Safe for most people. Can be loaded over time, heavier weights can be used when the person is ready. Tons of variations in order to make it safe for just about anyone. There is also more core activation with these exercises. More calories burned and benefit to metabolism.


Barbell Bench press— This is coming from someone who used to compete in powerlifting so its hard to put this on the overrated list! risk vs reward and shoulder issues that come from doing it over and over again. It does rank in the top 3 for my youth sports performance athletes after the initial prep/evaluation phase I take them through. I do not have my throwers doing a ton of this! Barbell overhead pressing also ranks higher on the list for specific populations, just not the people I work with the most!!!

ALSO OVERRATED are…..upright rows, flyes, dips with hands behind the back, any machines for pushing, and shoulder shrugs. ….Once again risk vs reward when it comes to shoulder issues. These are all things I have done, and in most cases learned the hard way. I am not a fan of machines for pushing at all! About the only thing I like machines for is  pulling.  I will go into more detail during the top back exercises article.

secondary exercises.

raises(side, front)  for shoulders

isolation triceps work.

seated overhead pressing

Playing around with the angles for bench press.

I do throw these in the program but its not as important as the exercises at the top. My reason is because these muscles are already getting hit a TON with the top exercises. I throw them in for some variety so it’s not the same thing each time.

I sometimes throw them in because people like “the burn” from isolation exercises.  They feel like they are accomplishing something. Personally, I choose to become great at the few things that matter most. I don’t mess around and become average at 90 million exercises. I am not here to win tee ball trophies, but to get results. There is however a mental aspect here that great coaches know how to coach.

This article series will  focus  mostly on strength training because this is what most people screw up. It is essential to your metabolism and the transformation! All of our sessions focus on balance, dynamic flexibility, static flexibility, soft tissue quality and more. All of these things intersect. After the no charge consultation I will know what is holding you back! Our members do get a cardiovascular benefit without boring machines. Trust me when I say if you experience it, you will know!

Our group sessions have a level system and red light/green light system to modify exercises based on previous exercise and injury history. Our one on one and semi private(3 to 6 people) groups are written based on your goals!! This is another reason why the FREE CONSULTATION  before training is sooo important! especially for groups!!!

One last thing…ask me questions. I can back everything I put in my writing and programs. I am not an overnight certified trainer taking advantage of what you don’t know. We educate.  We sell results, not fads.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C


Want to lose 30lbs?

Or maybe 10, 40, 70, or 100? Our members have done it! A few tips and how I plan to make this happen. For those current members who already know what we represent scroll down to ……TIPS TO LOSE 20LBS(OR 40, 70, 100). If you have a friend that needs to read this then forward it over to them and have them fill out this form to get a free success session –

Step one-
I am going to provide value with the NO CHARGE ONE ON ONE SUCCESS SESSION. It does not matter if you are a member or a non member you have access to this. I am going to leave you with advice specific to your goals and circumstances. Not the generic information you learned in 5th grade PE but things that apply to you!

Maybe it seems too good to be true. Maybe you are used to places using the cheesy hardcore sales process to hook you into a long term contract. Maybe you think you are wasting my time if you don’t sign up. You are wrong if you assume these things. I get it though. I used to work at all those places and most of them will waste your time and take your money while providing no value at all.

Step two- At the consultation we are going to dive right into these areas…..

Get to know each other
Your goals
Medical history
Injury history
Assessments (optional)
*I will tell you about our 4/6 week jump start and offer a free trial session

Let me be up front and tell you that basically I plan to show you the value of joining the RPT family. I am going to prove that our members get results because of …Coaching, Accountability, Education, and community support. Not just the exercise.

“Just exercise” programs are the reason people stay on their plan for 4 weeks and quit. “Just Exercise” from overnight certified trainers who don’t know how to correct your technique or write programs will accomplish nothing. Big box commercial gyms make money off memberships of people who don’t show up. We select a few individuals to become a part of the RPT family and push them to become better versions of themselves.

********TIPS TO LOSE 20LBS (OR 40, 70, 100)….**********

Play the long game– You will not be losing that weight in a week or two. We have to build a strong foundation…..mobility, flexibility, good technique, appropriate intensity, mindset, goal setting, and much more. We have to keep you from getting injured and make sure you feel good! We have to keep you motivated. We have to keep you focused on the next small victory.

Find the lead domino to knock over!– Bad technique might be because of lack of mobility? Not being able to stay on your plan might be because you are terrible at goal setting. Maybe you have unrealistic expectations? Don’t worry about knocking them all over at once. Stay focused! Another reason why asking for help is so important!

Focus on what you can control– effort, perspective, and gratitude are three of those things. Nothing happens without putting in the work, over time. You have to be thankful you have the opportunity to go through this process! Fall in love with the process, and the results will come.

Small victories add up over time– Success is sequential not simultaneous. Asking for help turns into getting back into an exercise routine. Turns into better habits with nutrition. Turns into losing the first pound, then the next, and the next.

Lifestyle– Lets not ignore the obvious road blocks. If you are getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep you will be hungry all the time and suffer through poor workouts. You will not handle stress well or be able to function.

Time block and planning– This is huge! We can talk about meal planning, grocery shopping, or working out but if it’s not on the calendar then it will not happen.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C,

P.S.- FREE PHONE CONSULTATION– If you need this then send over a text to 757 589 7028. I don’t believe in wasting time and I get right to the point. I get to know your goals and Offer advice. If you are on the fence I will tell you what program is the best fit for you, prices, schedule, and answer anything.

Formula for fat loss?!

A few fat loss tips today but first lets remember to say congrats to the members above next time you see them!

And one more thing before the fat loss tips—sitting on the fence people do me a favor…don’t assume but ask. We added the price range for each service to the main site and if you can’t find this hit reply and I will send it over. Most of you have no idea how much value we will provide because you are used to commercial gyms and cheap group classes that don’t coach the other 23 hours like we do! People from back in 2011 or 2012 don’t assume we are not 10 times better than what we were. Don’t assume we have not added new services, times, options that might be a better fit. Don’t assume we don’t do cardio because we don’t have people run around like gerbils on a boring treadmill (there is a better safer way!!) I am obsessed with beating yesterday in order to help you become better. I am obsessed with educating you and destroying all of these myths and fads that keep popping up!

Now a few tips for fat loss!-

find your starting point– if I were to throw someone who has never worked out before into the hardest workout of all time they would fail. The same with your diet. I talk with you first and get feedback vs saying…”just follow the plan!” Take someone who has been eating fast food for the past decade and put them on a strict diet and it wont work longer than 3 weeks. We make the plan work FOR YOU!

Plan adherence first- the plan you follow is not as important as being able to follow your plan, long term. Lets remember that not putting on weight  in the first placeand keeping the weight off are also important…so HABITS! Keep it simple and reduce the amount of rules for your diet. It will improve execution and adherence. If your diet says you can’t eat a carb between 3:03 Pm and 4:02 Pm,  unless the carb is from north Dakota, and it was picked at noon, and timed within 30 minutesafter your workout…that diet wont work!!! Enjoy the foods you eat!

calories in/out equation– stop making this complicated. It can be hard. It is not complicated. You are not going to manipulate your hormones so much that fat starts falling off if you are in a caloric surplus.

protein, fiber, water– just about every diet gets you increase the % of foods that have a high % of protein, fiber, water. Lets focus on what we can agree on when it comes to diet.

track calories vs improve food choices ?– once again this goes back to why you need to do the initial consult or ask questions! I don’t use the same techniques for each person. If the person it eating terrible lets just focus on food choices and the calories will take care of themselves. If the person is already lean trying to get leaner you better track everything. Maybe I have that person track macros. It’s always a good idea to track things at first so you can see what the problem is. Maybe you just need to track one habit that is your weakness!

supplements- they will not be the cause of your fat loss. They will not. Not saying they are bad but it’s not that easy folks!

meal frequency means nothing, and everything! – This is where we really plan adherence!! All the studies are showing that the eat 6 times per day stuff you heard from bodybuilders is not true! There is no magic to intermittent fasting either….BUT THERE IS MAGIC TO FINDING THE MEAL FREQUENCY PATTERN THAT WORKS FOR YOU! None of them are better. But one is going to be much better for you! Experiment and find out what works best FOR YOU!

diets- they all work. none of them work–I don’t care if you are paleo, keto, vegan, low carb, high carb, grapefruit, or if you created a diet named after your first born child. You are making this way more complicated than it has to be! Hit reply so I can clarify this for you! I will help you plan around your strengths and weaknesses. One. day. at. a. time!

figure out why your last diet worked. Figure out why you stopped it! – Did you learn that tracking worked? Did you learn that tracking was a pain in the … You will probably quit right before the magic is getting ready to happen! — take those lessons you learned and keep inching forward.

take the assessment!!!– you seriously have no clue what is happening with your fat weight if you don’t take one. If you are just obsessed over pounds lost and don’t pay attention to inches and body fat % you might end up being the person who loses weight just to end up looking worse!

Have someone hold you accountable!– seriously, even a terrible plan with accountability works better than the best plan without it! Friday check ins, assessments, questions..use it! That is the value of the membership. The coaching. I tend to be a pretty bold guy, but those other places won’t COACH better than us. Coaching does not happen “just during the game!” We address the mindset to win. The prep it takes to win. How to recover from a loss and get back on track.

It’s pretty simple. I want go get as many as you as possible holding those boards saying ___ lbs down! Every last one of you reading it has the potential. Email us at [email protected] and I will help you crush that goal and then some.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C

P.S……Drill me with questions! My goal is to provide more value with a free newsletter than most gyms provide with their memberships!

How to get injured (Part 1)

I have been fortunate to not have any serious injuries over the years. I have had a few minor injuries that I plan to talk about in part 2 of this post. Today I am going to give you a few tips on how to not mess yourself up…….

The first rule of coaching is…….”First do no harm!” The majority of you come to me to look better and feel better. Lets make sure we prioritize feeling better so that we can stay in the game long enough to look better. Nothing kills progress like getting injured! Remember the  common sense health  stuff like flossing your teeth, wearing a seat belt, not smoking,  and limiting your time walking or driving on ice.

Things I have seen others screw up==>

“I will fight through it!” mentality– You will.  You will then end up worse. Think about the end goal. If your end goal is to look better and feel better we have quite a few ways to reach this goal while not getting hurt! We have our red light/green light system In place for a reason! We do the free success session for a reason! We talk with you before placing you in a program for a reason!!

Terrible technique– If it’s terrible and you have no one looking over this you will get hurt. The end.

Thinking they have recovered, when they have not- Just because you feel better for a session or 2 does not mean the injury is not still there. I also see a ton of people take meds to mask the pain and then “fight through it”

Not addressing the real issue!-  That low back pain you have might be because your hip mobility is terrible. That shoulder issue might be because your posture/upper back strength is terrible. That knee issue you have might be because your ankle mobility is terrible. Get a professional to give you an assessment!

Viewing a sport as a general fitness activity –  An exercise prescription should be just that, a prescription. It should be different for each person. When a so called professional just has everyone run or whatever without modifications it’s not a good program. Make sure they take the time to listen to YOUR NEEDS!

Going from 0 to 100, real quick – I have to say this in January! Going from sitting on the couch for the last 7 months to “all in” 7 days a week 3 hour workouts will cause you to get hurt! The chance of you staying on your plan long term is slim to none also. The magic is always in being consistent over time.

Not recovering from your sessions- If you don’t recover from the session then its the equivalent of you doing nothing. Get a professional to lay out the program over weeks and months.

Range of motion and body weight before adding weight! – You should not be adding weight to an exercise you can’t even do right without weight. Work on mobility, flexibility, and improve soft tissue quality before trying lift a million pounds.

Not enough variety or too much variety– I have seen some programs that have so much variety people never get good at anything! I see these people doing combo moves that don’t know how to do one of those exercises the right way! When I see these group sessions that look like the video “Thriller” It’s no wonder 90% of the members are frustrated and/or injured.

On the other end of the spectrum is when you do the same exact thing every time. You end up with overuse injuries. You have to find that sweet spot in the middle.

Jumps -Just because some people can do them does not mean you should! If you are overweight or have any injuries to your lower body then  stay away from it. It’s not worth the risk when there are 90 million other things we can do. This goes for any form of jumping.

Stop comparing yourself to others!! Stop it!! — I might be able to do box jumps. A few of my athletes might be doing box jumps(after I teach them to land first). I don’t have any of my fat loss transformation members doing box jumps. It’s too risky with little reward for them. This is an extreme example but after an assessment I am able to tell you…”that is not a great idea for YOU!” After I meet with you an alert goes out to all the trainers that says ….”don’t let — do lunges or even think about jumping because its a recipe for disaster with those knees!” We don’t have to become experts in Olympic weight lifting just to lose a few pounds and move better!

Not doing strength training– Some of you on this list might still be doing just cardio. Not a great idea when we have seen the injury prevention benefits of strength training. That and it helps with body composition more than “just cardio” Get someone to show you how to do it the right way.

pre workout energy supplements – this one might seem weird to be on this list but let me explain. When you come to gym hyped up on caffeine there is a very good chance you will overreach for that session. Do it long enough, session to session, and you will then end up over trained. When adrenaline is through the roof on these supplements it can also mask the pain.

Listen to your body!  Your body will give you warning signs. Listen to it!!

Get an assessment or free success session FIRST!- The fitness industry is so messed up with all these open up a gym overnight places. They have systems for marketing and sales but then none to actually help the people that need it! We end up in a situation where the people that will make progress anywhere (might) get results and the others are still left struggling. If you enter into a relationship where the other party is not willing to talk about YOUR NEEDS it wont end up well.

So what we represent==>

Hit Reply if you need help and we can talk about YOUR NEEDS! I will listen instead of just bragging about how great we are like the other places. I like to keep it simple…you tell me what the problem is. I say we can solve the problem with this program. Give you the cost without locking you into a long term contract or recommending a bunch of stuff you don’t need. Then we get to business and get it done.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C

P.S. Still a week left to take advantage of our 28 day jump start program (69.99) or the 6 week transformation program