Football and Fat Loss?! + Bold Prediction

I am ready for the game! So today I am going to provide some fat loss tips with a football theme!

Games are won before the players even step on the field – When someone comes to me with a goal of fat loss the first thing we address is blocking out time to meal prep, make a grocery list, train, and create a plan. We also address the mindset it takes to win! You can not execute a plan that does not even exist!

The quick huddle method- Before just about every play you will see the teams have a quick talk over the next play. I encourage most of my members to set up a stop watch for 5 minutes each night to jot down a few notes about challenges and how they will attack them the next day. A small investment in time that will make a huge difference!

Supplements= The kicker. – The kicker will come into play during certain parts of the game, when needed. Lets not focus all of our attention on the kicker. If you are the person willing to invest more on supplements than training and quality nutrition there is no shot you will win!

Half time adjustments– At some point you will have to check in with your coach and look at the scoreboard. This is why we offer the 30 min consultations and assessments for no charge . To get you back on track!

Protein, fiber, water= run the ball, great defense, and a solid offensive line. – If you focus your game plan around getting really good at the basics you will be in the game at all times. You will be able to make some adjustments to the other parts of the plan and still have a chance to win! When people are hitting their daily targets for protein, fiber, and water they are usually on the right track!

Get a first down before a touchdown!– Most of you are worried about losing 20lbs, but can’t get focused on losing one. If you can lose one pound you know how to lose 10, 20, 30, or 100. Get focused on taking baby steps and staying consistent. We will keep you motivated and hold you accountable!

The red zone!- I work with quite a few people who get the ball all the way to the end zone, but can’t get it across the line. They eat perfect all day and then right before bed blow it! They are losing weight, but might need that extra push to lose the last few pounds! They might know what to do, but need the accountability to get the ball across the line and score!

The blitz package- During certain parts of the year or week you have to go all in! This is why we have our 4 and 6 week jump start programs. To help you get focused and build habits that last for a life time. I then provide the coaching and a game plan to make this a sustainable lifestyle change. IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THESE PROGRAMS HIT REPLY!

The game vs. the season-   I view this fat loss season as 12 games. Each one is a month long. You just finished game one which is January. How much progress did you make? If you “won” can you keep it up? If you lost are you going to let that loss stay in your head and prevent the next win?

Whoever wants it more usually wins– Seems like common sense but you will not be beating someone you can’t outwork. You might be competing with yourself, but look in the mirror and ask yourself if you can do better. Then go do it!

Losers choke under pressure, and winners “just win baby” win! Which one are you? The challenges will continue to get thrown at you. I call this life. I love them. I know it removes 95% of my competition. WHEN they come I am going to learn more about myself and the people around me. Surround yourself with winners. It will change your life forever!

trick plays don’t win championships- All these fads and new programs popping up sell lies and are nothing more than “trick plays.” They might look cool,  but they don’t win championships. You need a solid plan that can be executed over time. Dynasties are built with a strong foundation and strong leadership.

Back in 2011 when I opened up Results Performance Training I started my to do list with “Results and Relationships” every. single. day. When the haters and doubters said “don’t get a studio”,  “don’t leave your teaching job!”, or “there is no way you can compete with the franchises with money” I returned to the fundamentals and went to work. Block out the noise and get to work! The most important part of your success is something they will never be able to measure. Winners never play for 2nd place. It does not even exist in their heads.

It will not happen without a coach!!!– No matter how much you know, or how talented you are, you will not win without a coach! So if you are tired of not getting results then HIT REPLY and we can get to work!

***2 Bold predictions***

– In 2019 the 49ers will beat the Jaguars in the Super Bowl 35-17
– One of you “strangers” on this newsletter is going to finally HIT REPLY because you are ready to give RPT a shot! And when you do, I am going to set you up for a no charge consultation to see if you have the mindset to be on the RPT team. Just call/text 757 589 7028 or HIT REPLY and we will win this thing together!

“Success is like anything worthwhile. It has a price. You have to pay the price to win and you have to pay the price to get to the point where success is possible. Most important, you must pay the price to stay there.”-Vince Lombardi