Formula for fat loss?!

A few fat loss tips today but first lets remember to say congrats to the members above next time you see them!

And one more thing before the fat loss tips—sitting on the fence people do me a favor…don’t assume but ask. We added the price range for each service to the main site and if you can’t find this hit reply and I will send it over. Most of you have no idea how much value we will provide because you are used to commercial gyms and cheap group classes that don’t coach the other 23 hours like we do! People from back in 2011 or 2012 don’t assume we are not 10 times better than what we were. Don’t assume we have not added new services, times, options that might be a better fit. Don’t assume we don’t do cardio because we don’t have people run around like gerbils on a boring treadmill (there is a better safer way!!) I am obsessed with beating yesterday in order to help you become better. I am obsessed with educating you and destroying all of these myths and fads that keep popping up!

Now a few tips for fat loss!-

find your starting point– if I were to throw someone who has never worked out before into the hardest workout of all time they would fail. The same with your diet. I talk with you first and get feedback vs saying…”just follow the plan!” Take someone who has been eating fast food for the past decade and put them on a strict diet and it wont work longer than 3 weeks. We make the plan work FOR YOU!

Plan adherence first- the plan you follow is not as important as being able to follow your plan, long term. Lets remember that not putting on weight  in the first placeand keeping the weight off are also important…so HABITS! Keep it simple and reduce the amount of rules for your diet. It will improve execution and adherence. If your diet says you can’t eat a carb between 3:03 Pm and 4:02 Pm,  unless the carb is from north Dakota, and it was picked at noon, and timed within 30 minutesafter your workout…that diet wont work!!! Enjoy the foods you eat!

calories in/out equation– stop making this complicated. It can be hard. It is not complicated. You are not going to manipulate your hormones so much that fat starts falling off if you are in a caloric surplus.

protein, fiber, water– just about every diet gets you increase the % of foods that have a high % of protein, fiber, water. Lets focus on what we can agree on when it comes to diet.

track calories vs improve food choices ?– once again this goes back to why you need to do the initial consult or ask questions! I don’t use the same techniques for each person. If the person it eating terrible lets just focus on food choices and the calories will take care of themselves. If the person is already lean trying to get leaner you better track everything. Maybe I have that person track macros. It’s always a good idea to track things at first so you can see what the problem is. Maybe you just need to track one habit that is your weakness!

supplements- they will not be the cause of your fat loss. They will not. Not saying they are bad but it’s not that easy folks!

meal frequency means nothing, and everything! – This is where we really plan adherence!! All the studies are showing that the eat 6 times per day stuff you heard from bodybuilders is not true! There is no magic to intermittent fasting either….BUT THERE IS MAGIC TO FINDING THE MEAL FREQUENCY PATTERN THAT WORKS FOR YOU! None of them are better. But one is going to be much better for you! Experiment and find out what works best FOR YOU!

diets- they all work. none of them work–I don’t care if you are paleo, keto, vegan, low carb, high carb, grapefruit, or if you created a diet named after your first born child. You are making this way more complicated than it has to be! Hit reply so I can clarify this for you! I will help you plan around your strengths and weaknesses. One. day. at. a. time!

figure out why your last diet worked. Figure out why you stopped it! – Did you learn that tracking worked? Did you learn that tracking was a pain in the … You will probably quit right before the magic is getting ready to happen! — take those lessons you learned and keep inching forward.

take the assessment!!!– you seriously have no clue what is happening with your fat weight if you don’t take one. If you are just obsessed over pounds lost and don’t pay attention to inches and body fat % you might end up being the person who loses weight just to end up looking worse!

Have someone hold you accountable!– seriously, even a terrible plan with accountability works better than the best plan without it! Friday check ins, assessments, questions..use it! That is the value of the membership. The coaching. I tend to be a pretty bold guy, but those other places won’t COACH better than us. Coaching does not happen “just during the game!” We address the mindset to win. The prep it takes to win. How to recover from a loss and get back on track.

It’s pretty simple. I want go get as many as you as possible holding those boards saying ___ lbs down! Every last one of you reading it has the potential. Email us at [email protected] and I will help you crush that goal and then some.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C

P.S……Drill me with questions! My goal is to provide more value with a free newsletter than most gyms provide with their memberships!