Terrible Fitness Information!!

Today I am going to take some time to share some must read articles from people I trust. There is too much information out there. The majority of it is worthless and does more harm than good.  I plan to highlight a few in the industry that deserve more attention!! Check out the articles and studies below!

You’re Supporting the get rich schemes of 21 year olds and it’s ruining fitness!=>


Read the above  article about 49 times. It’s one of my all-time favorites. It’s so easy to get sucked into the latest fads. Being great at marketing, sales, or having  6 pack abs does not mean that person is an expert at working with your body!!

How to Buck the Trend of Weight Loss Failure=>


Warning- Some Explicit language in this one above. He does get right to the point on how your next great diet will not work. No shot of working. It’s why we focus on changing habits, accountability, coaching, and finding a plan that fits with your lifestyle. There is no magic involved.

Which is better?-Low Carb vs. Low Fat Study-


A longer one for people who like all the details. For those who do not …The results of this study contribute to a large body of evidence indicating that, for weight loss, neither low-fat nor low-carb is superior (as long as there’s no difference in caloric intake or protein intake)…. The most important part of a plan are the adjustments I help you make so you can stay on your plan!!

All Women Should Lift weights=>


Quick summary- muscle= metabolism=fat loss. You will not get bulky, not possible. Seriously…..Do it if you want to look better and improve the quality of your life!!! All the cardio in the world without getting stronger will get you no where!!

Remember to send over your questions!! Even if you are not a member send them over! We have more information and fitness places than ever yet our nation continues to get worse!!! Seek out quality information and coaching. We are all not the same!!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM-EP-C

P.S. — Anyone who is willing to take your money without taking the time to know your goals, exercise history, injury history, schedule, budget, preference of group size, and everything about you is a complete fraud! So take the time to do your research! Ask me anything at [email protected]!!