Detric is a trainer and author who owns a personal training studio in Williamsburg, Va and…..oh wait.  Detric is writing this, so he doesn’t have to be talking in the 3rd person.  Hey, I am Detric. My blog will focus on…

  • Helping trainers stay in the fitness industry and build a foundation for a LONG career in fitness. You know, so you can actually become a good trainer.
  • Helping you get from the “developing your product (AKA you)” phase to making more money in the fitness industry. While not feeling like a sleazy salesperson. If you are on my site, then you agree that we need less business people acting like trainers. We need the good ones to get noticed!
  • Making it easier for trainers who work with groups to differentiate themselves from the competition, creating a better and safer group training atmosphere for those who really need us! The average Joe or Joanne does NOT know YOU are different from the large chain gym group class down the road. We want to help them find out why they should come to you instead.
  • We have people that aren’t even in our industry giving fitness advice. Everyone knows them, so they take their advice. On the other hand, we have people who have worked their butts off for decades and know what they are talking about, but no one knows them. So I plan to use my platform to highlight them and make their voices heard!


Detric cares immensely about staff and personal development. He’s always in your corner to provide advice, guidance, or just bounce ideas off of. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable around group strength training and injury prevention, but he continues to push his level of expertise. Whether it’s vetting the latest book or innovating exercise selection, his passion for knowledge pours into his work. As a business owner, he’s the kind of leader who makes a massive impact through the smallest of positive changes. He’s been in this game for a while, and offers both wisdom and direction in a way that only a true mentor can. Even through the sometimes sporadic nature of our remote working partnership, he’s helped my business grow and expand. He’s truly one of the good coaches that goes the extra mile to keep this industry real, connected, and empowering to all – clients, trainers, and other business owners alike.   

Kimber Rozier, CSCS, Pn1, and Content Writer



Interview with Generationally Speaking

Interview with Generationally Speaking


Finding someone who has built and held onto that kind of success is like looking at Tom Brady or LeBron James. No matter what you think of them off the field or the court, they are special. They’ve had to adapt to countless unprecedented circumstances. The game is brutal, and they found a way to keep climbing, no matter the curveballs.

Running a business takes more than a typical skillset if you plan to survive (and thrive) long term. And it’s not the type of game where you shake hands with your competitor at the end of the day- it’s cold and unrelenting.

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