Community and Network Marketing for Personal Trainers

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Community and Network Marketing for Personal Trainers

In my last post, I discussed that marketing is more than just posting on social media. You need to get out in the community and meet people. Do good things for people, the community, and it comes back to help out your business. A win- win! Plus, it feels good! It’s Fun! 

Below are a few ways my business Results Performance Training helps out in the community. These are low cost marketing options for personal trainers. You can steal a few of these ideas for your business. If you are interested in a FREE Coaching call with me to help you design your marketing plan, text 757 589 7028  

Joint Ventures with other Businesses 

Partnering with other businesses is a great way to get more leads. The key is to figure out what’s in it for them. Go in with a series of questions that make it hard for them to say no to. An example we use is….

 “Can I post your information on our community board for our members?”

We have a community board at our studio where we post community events, business cards, and information about local non-profits. We encourage our members to post and share what they have going on. 

Partner with Nonprofits

Nonprofits are always looking to raise money to help out in the community! We research local nonprofits to see what events they have going on.Don’t forget to check with your current members to see what organizations they are passionate about. 

They usually have events such as silent auctions, event nights, golf fundraisers, and other ways to collect money for great causes. 

Silent Auctions 

We donate our training packages, shirts, books, and consultations to organizations so they can auction them off. A win-win. They get your services to raise money for their organization. You get a lot of new eyes learning about your personal training business. We throw in friend passes, shirts, and books, so they can help bring in more of their friends after they win. 

Donation Drives 

We have a few months out of the year where we collect supplies for local nonprofits. Food items, school supplies, clothes, and the list goes on.  This is a fun way to get your members involved in the community events. 

Fitness Nights and Teambuilding 

We have partnered with local colleges and businesses to have team building events at our studio. This is always so much fun! We give them a great workout! To get the most out of these events we have a special offer for them after the session. We also have an incentive to leave a google review. 

Charity Fitness Nights 

Charity fitness nights are similar to the above, but we are donating money or supplies to a great cause. A certain amount of the proceeds, or all of the money, goes back to the organization. We have even done nights where they donate supplies for a free group training session. 

Public Speaking 

Public Speaking is a great way to show the community that you are the fitness expert in your area. Meeting people in person is way more effective than just posting on social media. Get out and have real conversations with people. Educate, have fun, and connect with people! 

Other Tips and Reminders 

Connect on LinkedIn and Social media – Use Social media to enhance what you are already doing. It’s so powerful! 

Get organized! – Some organizations are doing these things, but lack the organization to improve them over time. You need systems in place with all the details listed out. The small details like remembering to take that picture with them to share on social media, is a big deal. You need organized lists and documents.