Ace Your Personal Training Interview!

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Ace your personal training interview!

As the owner of Results Performance Training for over 14 years, I have done tons of interviews. Some were great, others were horrible! Here are a few tips to ace your next personal training interview.

Communication before the interview

Write professional emails and texts without slang or abbreviations. Do not take forever to respond to emails, calls, and text messages. Be professional when talking on phone interviews. This tells me so much about you! A major turn off if you have horrible communications skills.

Resume Current

Make sure you have an updated professional looking resume. This is your first impression. This can be the difference between getting called in for an interview, or not. We are not asking for your life story, just an overview of your previous positions. When I see training positions left off your resume, that come up during the interview, it raises a red flag.

How to Dress

It’s important to look professional during an interview. Make the most out of your first impression.

No need to underdress or overdress. Even though workout gear is what you will wear to work, I recommend not wearing workout gear to the interview. No Need to wear your Sunday best. Find an outfit that looks professional. Do not hesitate to ask if you will be required to demo exercises or workout.

Don’t brag about yourself!

The interview is a place to highlight your strengths. Do it in a way that does not make you seem arrogant.

When I hear someone say they were the best trainer on their old staff it turns me off. Never tell me that being a great athlete automatically makes you a great personal trainer. Heard a former athlete, uncertified with no experience, tell me “my playing career speaks for itself and this experience will make me a great trainer.” No, it does not.

Don’t Complain about your previous jobs!

This gives me bad vibes. If you complain about your previous job, I know it’s only a matter of time before you will complain about me. If asked why you left or plan on leaving, focus on career growth.

What If you are Not certified or have any experience?

Create a professional email to ask if they allow new trainers to shadow. This is a great way to get your foot in the door and learn more about the industry.Learn more about the facility you might end up working at.

Lots of gyms and personal training studios have positions for those who are in the process of getting certified. I have hired a lot of trainers who took the time to shadow or do unpaid internships before getting hired.

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Show up on time- AKA Show up early

This has ended so many interviews before they even started. I really hate when people show up late to an interview. If you somehow get lost , send a quick message beforehand. Still looks bad, because you should have done a test drive.

Arrive early and sit in your car vs trying to get there right on time. If you are late, don’t walk in acting like you were on time…ugh!!!!! At least apologize!!

Research the business and who you plan to interview with! –

It’s very important to research the company and who you plan to interview with! I am impressed when I can tell someone has done their research. Have intelligent questions to ask. It never hurts when a potential employee has a compliment for me:)

Qualifications and experience matter, but they are not everything

I have hired trainers with a million certifications and lots of experience, who were horrible. Or I should say, they were not a great fit on our team.

I have hired trainers in the process of getting certified who lack experience, who were great!

The person interviewing is looking at the little big things. Do you have a great personality? Good work ethic? Great at communication? Good energy? Will you show up on time? Growth mindset and coachable? If the answer is yes, then you are in a good position to get the position and have a great career in this industry!

Success is about the team. You have to be a great fit on that team. If you get rejected, it’s not the end of the world. Keep sending out those resumes and get experience with interviews.