Tips for Building Your Personal Training Business

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Tips for Building Your Personal Training Business

Would you have your 60-year-old client who has never worked out before follow the LeBron James workout plan? No!

Then why do so many new trainers copy the marketing plans and advice from those big businesses. It works for them, so it must work for you. It will not. They did not do those things to get big. At least from the very start.

There is a big difference from going from 0 to 5k/mos, or 5k to 10/mos, or 10k to 15 or 20k per month.

So, this article series is for those with no money to spend on marketing. Those who have some experience as a trainer but are not fully booked with clients.

I will break this series down into a few parts….

New to Training and Working at a Big Gym with the Goal to Become Independent

Independent with Minimal Clients, but Needing More

Independent Personal Trainers Who are Getting Busy and Looking to Hire

Small Studio Owners

Today is an overview with a few quick tips….

Step One – Master Your Craft and Get the Basics Right

Please make sure you have taken the time to get the basic certifications and invested in becoming a solid trainer first.

Nothing annoys me more than some model, influencer, or athlete with no certification but expects to make six figures overnight as a trainer.

Okay, maybe the dude on YouTube who says you can make six figures online even if you have no certification or experience. With custom-designed programs blah blah blah…….No wonder so many of these new trainers have unrealistic expectations of the grind it takes to actually make six figures in this industry!

Step Two – Embrace the Less Glamorous Tasks

Building a strong foundation is never flashy but always required for success.

Some trainer making a ton of money says to post on IG a million times per day and it will make you rich! Social media is important, but just posting on social media is not going to make you money. You do it because of the rush you get when people like your post. You feel like you are doing something. Just like the person who does biceps curls and calf raises 6 days a week without a squat, deadlift, or press being programmed.

What is a strong foundation? Thanks for asking. Here are a few things I coach my personal training clients on……

  • Clear goals, mission, values – You must get clear on where you are going in order to get there. Why do you want to do this? Not liking your boss is not a strong enough why!
  • Understanding the numbers behind running a business – You need to be good at math to run a good business. It helps when you have a mentor that really understands the expenses you are getting ready to take on. The number of hours it will actually take.
  • You need a website, even if it’s a cheap one at first – You need a place to share your story, collect leads, and display value. Start somewhere. Build on it over time.
  • Are you swimming in red oceans or blue oceans – What really makes you unique?

If you are a 20 something year old trainer who wants to work with those who are already in pretty good shape then guess what? Just about all of your competitors want the same thing. Your ideal client does not have the money or a strong enough need to choose you over YouTube or IG. Or they can just go to the latest group fitness/fitness boot camp beat-down franchise that has way more money to spend on marketing.


I teach you to be unique and authentic. I work on finding a target that has money and can see the value in what you are doing. I help you build value in the consumer’s eyes.

  • Self-awareness and living in the real world – This comes with time, but I know my ideal target has changed in the last 20 years of being a trainer. The target population for my studio has changed over the past 14 years. A lot of that has to do with me understanding the new landscape of competitors. Understanding me. I have changed over the years and so will you. The goal is to have a long successful career in fitness.
  • Create a social proof plan – People would rather eat in the restaurant with 5-star google ratings and a line out the door, correct? They would pay more to eat there when compared to the one that has no social proof. I help you create social proof, even if you do not have that many clients yet. You have to look popular and have reviews to get more clients.
  • Make sure your record keeping is on point when it comes to emails, phone numbers, etc. – So many trainers are sitting on a goldmine called reactivating their old clients. But they don’t have the record keeping or systems in place to make it happen. A simple how are you doing to a former client, or newsletter tips can be worth thousands to your business.
  • Using social media for money and not to impress other trainers – Look at social media from the standpoint of the person who wants to give you money. Not from the perspective of another trainer or fit person who will give you a like on your post.
  • Sales skills and understanding value – Sales do not happen by accident. They need to see value. I will help you create value in your programs.
  • Referrals – Do not leave them to chance. You need systems in place for this. Going back to my point at the top of this article. Become great at your craft!

Excited to work on this series of blog posts! As usual, send me a DM or email with questions. It helps me create content!