We stand against……

Group classes where the instructor does not correct technique

Overnight certified instructors who just got into this business to make a quick buck.

Programs that are so intense they just injure people. Or frustrate them because they throw beginners or those getting into the swing of things with everyone else

Over priced group and personal training sessions that don’t provide enough value to get results. As in they don’t coach the other 23 hours of day and lack strong leadership

Places that promote false claims or exaggerate their backed by science claims

Places that put a bunch of fitness models on their site versus showing you the lives they changed, and how they did it

Commercial gyms that take your money even if you never show up. And then sell you with some salesperson in a suit and tie who has never trained a person a day in their life

Group classes that just have you come in and do the same thing over and over again

We ……..

Coach the other 23 hours of the day better than anyone in Williamsburg, hands down…….Nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, education

Hold members accountable to getting results

Create a family atmosphere where no one is judged and everyone feels comfortable.

WE. CHANGE. LIVES. ………and have done this for Williamsburg Residents since 2011.

We will not train people unless we do an assessment to make sure they are a good fit for our program. This is no charge

We also give them a free trial session before they sign their life away on some long contract

what our members are saying about us……

why choose us, what we represent..

…………if you sound like a good fit then just reply with questions, goals, and best time of the day to meet. 

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist