IN A RELATIONSHIP…with Results Performance Training?!

as I sit here and write this on a Sunday I will try to make it short and to the point. The goal of RPT is to be the complete opposite of …commercial gyms, hardcore fitness places, the fake backed by science exaggeration places that sell lies, or some late night infomercial. Results is in the name for a reason. We plan to get them for you! And by you, I am talking to the person who actually needs it! Most places cater to those who are already in shape!

That requires a relationship that is up front with expectations( me to you, you to me). One where the communication is going back and forth. Most of you reading this are in the trust building phase with me still.

My goal is simple. Provide enough value so that you become a permanent member of the RPT family! I have realized that we get people coming in with the same expectations for us that they have for other places…none! This is sad. So this is what I need you to do for me…….USE US!!!

so tell me ……….

what level of accountability do you think you need? As in we plan to check on you when you miss. I try not be annoying, but sometimes….

Do you want to take advantage of…….

the Friday check ins for nutrition?

the no charge assessment where we track body fat percentage, measurements, weight, etc.

the home workouts for when you miss the studio? off days?

Do you have any questions over the schedule, prices, billing, etc.?

Do you want to schedule a follow up 30 min consultation for a set date in the future so we can review your progress?

Any nagging pains that we have to talk about?

Do you understand our red light green light system to prevent injury?

Do you understand our level system for complete beginners?

Do you need the Detric who taught kindergarten for a few years? or the strength and conditioning for football Detric?……yeah, I did both. Some of you are sensitive, some of you are not. I need to know your learning style. I need to know how you get motivated. Don’t worry. We will figure it out! ……..WE ARE COACHES AND TEACHERS, NOT JUST TRAINERS!

If you are reading this and you are not a member of RPT…send over your questions!! Seriously! Send me a text right now! 757 589 7028. I am a real person. I will answer all of them, for no charge!  I am not the suit and tie sales dude at the commercial gym, that has trained zero people, getting you to sign your life away!

The end goal for me is simple……Change more lives, through fitness, than anyone has ever done in Williamsburg. I will never resort to the sleazy sales tactics. I will never be one of those annoying take my shirt off in every ad trainers. It’s not that type of relationship!! There will be a balance of professionalism, while having a TON OF FUN along the way!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist