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The title of this one is also the title of one of my favorite books “Start with Why.”

When I sit across from people at the free success session I am trying to  figure out their why. Losing weight is usually because they want to be more confident or  become a good role model for their kids. If it’s someone in our sports performance group getting faster might represent playing on the next level in college. If it’s someone in our active ageing program improving balance and mobility might allow them to enjoy the little things in life again.

The why, the goal,  always comes before what we will do. Before how we will do it. I think this is the reason most places fail and why we get results with our members. We are not just trainers, but educators and coaches. If the exercise was your motivator half of you would not be in the situation you are right now correct? It is much deeper than that, and we go there.

At the core of our philosophy on getting results is education. We want you to know why things work, why we are doing what we do, and encourage a ton of questions.

I am going to take someone whose goal is fat loss and explain  WHY IT WORKS, OR DOES NOT………

***Fat loss programs work because they get you into a caloric deficit through diet and exercise. If the program does not do this, it will not work. no shot! If you remove gluten, carbs, fat,  manipulate insulin and then fail to reach this deficit you will not lose a pound. Not a single one.

Every diet does this but they can’t sell books calling it “the caloric deficit diet”. It’s not sexy enough. They have to disguise taking in more protein and nutrients as …low carb, paleo, low fat, no sugar, clean eating, etc. They know when you increase the protein intake you will not be as hungry and end up eating less. They know if they get you to eat normal, but restrict your window of eating hours (intermittent fasting) the calories end being less over time. They know if they get you to track every little thing you put in your mouth with a point system you will eat less. So it brings us back to….



***You have to maintain this caloric deficit over time in order to get results and maintain them! I make recommendations like increasing protein, fiber, water, and nutrient dense foods to prevent you from being hungry all the time. I am trying to override that signal from your brain that says……”this crazy person is not giving me anything I actually need! I am going to keep eating until I get them!” And trust me when your brain sends you this message there is no amount of self – discipline that will ALWAYS  overcome it! 

***You overeat because of habit or hunger. The hunger issue is pretty easy to solve. I mentioned a few points above. The habit issue is why I always have that free success session to dive into your challenges. I have done so many things,  none are just generic do this statements.  They are based on your specific challenges! Keeping the weight off is important so we have focus on habits!

***You MUST adjust every single generic diet plan to you!!! We adjust all of our exercise programs based on your previous exercise history, injuries, schedule, goals, budget, etc. It has to be done for diet also!! If your plan involves foods you hate or taste like cardboard you will not follow it long. If it has no wiggle room at all you will not stay on your plan!! It Is the reason why I don’t even like for people  to purchase our 28 day jump start without taking advantage of the free consultation and food log reviews


My why for Results Performance Training  Is pretty simple…….change lives. Exercise is just a part of the equation to do it. Education, accountability, and coaching are also required. If you need any of these things hit the reply button and send over those questions!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist

P.S- For those interested in the books I recommend we are adding them all to this link on my blog.  Feel free to respond with a few of your favorites so I can check them out!