Survive the Holiday Party

So you are at Aunt Edna’s house.  The macaroni’s soggy, the peas are mushed, and the chicken tastes like wood.  Sweets are everywhere!! Not to mention enough alcoholic beverages to supply an ABC store. More than enough to prevent good decisions from being made the rest of the night! For the average person this is heaven. But You just made the decision to become healthy and lose some weight!!

Don’t worry. I am here to help you survive the holiday party and season! A few quick tips below….

Before the holiday party load up on the protein, fiber, and water! — I say this year round, but the last thing you want to do is go to the party hungry! All calories are not created equal. Some make you hungrier while others will cause you to eat less later in the day! When you get to the party eat the protein first!

Don’t drink ALL your calories!– I meet with so many people who would be able to eat what they want if they did not drink calories! Liquid calories add up quick and provide nothing in regards to nutrients. If this is your thing, put some limits on it! For quite a few this is the only thing they have to do!

Don’t eat things you don’t like! –  I meet with so many people that eat food just because it’s there. Or because some book said it’s good for you. Get this under control by putting some thought into what these foods are for you. Put yourself in a situation where they are not constantly around you.

Learn to say no for crying out loud! – Maybe not to Aunt Edna, but you are a grown up after all. If you are the leader in your household then put some restrictions on this for your family. Do not deprive yourself because this will just make things worse.

Get back on track and Don’t take enough left overs for 2 weeks- Don’t turn a bad meal into a bad day. Don’t turn a bad day into a bad week! Don’t turn a bad week into a bad month! Get back on track now!!

Have a plan!- Just take a few minutes each night to think about what you will eat the next day! Block this time out each day and then have the foods ready and prepared!

The all or nothing mentality? This is not the time! – It is never the time. It’s the worst mindset you can have. The all in mentality means at some point you will be all out. All out is the absolute worst place to be. Just. don’t. go. backwards. Periods of maintenance are fine. Periods of going backwards are never accepted.

Get a 15 to 20 min workout! – So you don’t have time for a full workout?! Do whatever it takes to keep some momentum. If you can’t get in a full 45 to 60 min workout this is fine. If programmed correct you can accomplish a lot by mastering the basics. The way we program our workouts you can get the cardiovascular and strength training in without separating them. If you are a current member remember to get your home/travel workouts for no extra charge!

Schedule check-ins!- This is the best time to schedule your assessments, Friday nutrition check ins, and no charge consultations with me. I never look at a food log or assessment and judge people. No need to feel guilty! We are here to help!

Get the family involved! – It’s much easier with some support! Choose activities that keep the family active! If they need guidance then ask us about our GIFT CARDS FOR THE HOLIDAY. They can of course use the no charge consultation!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist

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