The Fitness Industry Secret?!

The fitness industry does not want you to know this secret. I am telling you because it gets on my nerves to see people put their trust in “professionals” just to work hard and not get results.

Here is the secret in 3, 2…

The sad truth that no one in our industry wants to talk about is the overnight certified trainers who don’t have the training to work with your body!

In order for the popular places to open up a new studio every other week they have to fill these positions with people that lack training. Do you want people like this dealing with your body? Can you become a doctor or physical therapist overnight? No!

I am saying this because maybe some of you have put your trust in these “professionals” before and are so frustrated that you just gave up!  There is a difference between someone who has a college degree, top certifications, and experience compared to no experience and a weekend course. It might even be a DVD or piece of equipment you purchased from one of these “professionals.”

You see, A LOT of people need our help. This has watered down our industry. If someone is working with your body, drill them and ask a lot of questions. Please email me at; we are here to prove ourselves.  I admit it’s WAY more than the piece of paper that make a trainer, but please question them and everything they say before trusting them! Make sure you understand their training and who their mentors are.

If you are still with me and any of the points below ring with you, then please email me.

You don’t fit in at commercial gyms or you just don’t like the feel.

You are a complete beginner and don’t know where to start.

You are a good starter, but need helping closing the deal when it comes to reaching your fitness goals.

You get bored easily with the typical treadmill and then do a few strength training machines(that are not effective).

You don’t  know where to start when it comes to technique on basic strength training exercises.

You have a crazy busy schedule and want to know how to get the cardio, strength, flexibility in with a 45 min period 2 to 3 times per week.

You are not fooled by the scams and fads that come along every week. Or, maybe you were fooled, a few times, and sick of it!

You need more than a workout…nutrition, assessments, accountability, check-ins, consultations, education, home workouts for the off days…FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE! You are not getting results without these things even if you work really hard in the gym!

You don’t want to get locked in to long term contracts and need the flexibility. We work around your budget to find  the right program for you!  If you have any questions then ask me!

You like the idea of getting the personal training feel without having to pay personal training prices. We offer this with all of our groups, small group, and personal training services! We do not have big sessions. We have very flexible scheduling.

You are afraid of getting injured with these extreme workouts and need levels and modifications. Quite a few choose us because they have an injury. A typical group class where they don’t teach technique is not for them.

You see the value in coaching! You understand that even the best workout in the world means nothing without coaching, accountability, and guidance. Most of you are successful in some area of your life. I am willing to bet you had mentors and coaching in these areas?

Does this sound like you at all?

I know, I get right to the point. I am not for everyone. I am determined to change lives here in Williamsburg, and beyond. I hope it is yours!