Complicated Sells. Simple Works.

The fitness industry wants to make things complicated so you can’t figure it out. They want to make it seem like there is some magic formula. You are wasting money on a bunch of gadgets, equipment, and programs that don’t work.

We stand for education. My goal is to remove the clutter between you and your goals. When I make things simple for you, it improves your chance of executing your plan. Execution of a plan trumps switching plans every week trying to find the “perfect” plan. Most of you have so much information in your head you fail to even get started.

Below are a few tips so you can remove the clutter and take the first step towards your goals. You don’t have to become a bodybuilder to get the benefits of strength training. You don’t have to run a marathon to get in shape. You don’t have to attach 95 million different gadgets to your body before you go on a walk. You don’t need to go order the latest, greatest, piece of equipment to reach your fitness goals.


Focus on movements, not muscles. When you do this you end up hitting the muscles but save a ton of time. I teach people how to squat, push, pull, hip hinge (pick things off the floor) and then we throw in core work and few other things and they are good to go!

95% of the people I work with don’t need to waste time on body part splits, special techniques, or trying to confuse their muscles(another myth). They need to block out time for 2 to 3 strength sessions per week, and actually make them! Add weight to the exercises over time (with good technique) and you will get all of the benefits of strength training. Strength training is very important for your metabolism and fat loss!


*Move more than you did last week! Block out the time for it.

*Do a form of cardio that does not injure you. Not everyone is a runner, and you don’t have to become one to get in shape!

*Have fun!…so that you can actually follow your plan!

*Realize that intelligently planned strength training while manipulating rest periods does count as cardio! I remember early in my training career I used to charge people to talk with them on a treadmill. I was wasting their time and money. We can take care of strength, cardio, flexibility and mobility work in 45 minutes compared to spending hours working out.

*People were in great shape (better actually) before apple fitness watches were invented. It can still be done! Just go move! Get started now!

*There is power in zone 2 cardio. This is basically a definition for cardio where you are a little out of breathe. So it’s not a walk, a sprint, but in between. You don’t have to set a PR and beat your little gadget each time you set out to do cardio. You are not out of shape because you failed reach level 4, 5, 6, 7, or forgot to put on your gadget. You get out of shape by forgetting to workout.


Focus on your tight areas, and do it! Block out 5 minutes tomorrow and learn a few stretches that target your tight areas! I did not say 10 minutes because I know most of you have done nothing for this in the past 10 years. We are big on creating habits and getting you from point A to point B, not Z. Make sure you also hop on the foam roller for your tight areas.

If you want to learn how to use a foam roller get a no charge assessment. We can help you find the areas holding you back and possibly causing injuries.

The recurring them of this article was….


We hold members accountable. We educate. We make things fun. We tell you the truth. We help you set realistic goals! We are the best at transforming the lives of those who find it hard to stick to an exercise plan!