Stop Dieting!

We are about a week away from diet season! You know, nothing beats waiting until 2017 to start making progress towards your goals! I have a love-hate relationship with January. I love to see so many people taking actions towards their fitness and health goals, but I hate to see so many of them fail because they have no guidance. They end up choosing instant gratification over principles that work long term.

99% of diet books are worthless that make you believe there is some magic formula between you and the body you want. They lead people into buying useless and over priced supplements. Diet books dance around solid principles and cause more confusion after the diet is done. A plan is only as good as your ability to execute the plan, long term.

A few commons sense principles can help you lose the pounds and keep them off. A quick warning though – this is very simple and quick. I go into more detail in our 28 Day Program, and when our members turn in those food logs – to hold them accountable.

I am a bullet point type of guy so:

  • Long term success on a diet means you have to be in a slight caloric deficit over   time and enjoy the foods you eat.
  • Staying on the plan is an important part of the plan that most people forget or don’t plan for.
  • Calories do count! I have to say this because some diet books don’t even address  the one law you cant break and lose fat!!
  • The food has to taste good! Learn to prepare healthy food so it does not taste like card board. Don’t follow a one size fits all grocery list that does not fit you.
  • With solid habits around planning, grocery shopping, flexible meal plans, and food prep any diet will work.
  • Eat high quality natural foods that take care of your needs for fiber and nutrients. Quality foods is a term that can be debated for the next 200 years but we go over  this in more detail in the 28 Day Transformation. For the most part we all agree on 90% of what is good and bad. If your body does not get the required nutrients it will be hungry. So if you eat 2000 calories of cotton candy and still feel hungry or hungrier, there is a reason for that. It’s called survival!
  • A higher ratio of protein helps a ton with staying on your plan because it keeps you full. No, I did not say go buy a protein shake, eat no carbs, and have no fat in your diet.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Hunger, energy, and cravings will tell you a lot about if your diet is working and if  you can do it long term. If these are off then it will not work.
  • The foods  you eat that are not healthy can still be eaten…. In smaller portions and less frequency. This will actually lead to better results because you will  stay on your plan. You will avoid the diet mentality of ” I messed up so screw it for the rest of the week”.

Diet books also miss the most important part of success, accountability. The main reason our 28 Day Transformation works so well is because of the coaching that comes along with it. The way we put more emphasis on day 0 and day 29, as in the mindset going in and how you will transition and build habits.

Tired of jumping from plan to plan with no results?

Tired of losing a few pounds just to put them back on?

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Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM-HFS