About Me, About Results Performance Training

I can’t tell the story of Results Performance Training without some background on me and my experience. Below is a quick overview of things I have done……

  • VCU graduate – Kinesiology
  • Assisted with Strength and Conditioning at VCU as a Volunteer
  • Worked at a sports performance center
  • Worked at quite a few commercial gyms as a trainer
  • Worked at quite a few personal training studios
  • Taught PE in elementary and middle school
  • Coached at the high school level (strength and conditioning, track, football)
  • Spent a few years competing in powerlifting, but not really a powerlifter ..this is a “sport” for people that are not crazy gifted athletically. It taught me a lot which I will discuss in future articles

So I basically started off working with college and pro athletes and worked my way to 5 year olds, before starting up Results Performance Training. It’s been about 17 years total with 11 of those coming before Results Performance Training opened.

That first decade of my career formed the foundation for what we do at RPT. A blend of coach, trainer, and teacher is what you will get when you step in our doors. I started off with the label coach, and when I hear it today it still makes my day. It’s the difference maker and everyone needs one in their life! You see coaches get RESULTS(or they get fired!). Coaches don’t leave when the session ends. Coaches are there 24/7 and do whatever it takes to win!

Those years at the commercial gym taught me what I did not want our business to become. I had to get out of an atmosphere where it’s more about taking someone’s money than actually helping them reach their goals. Their trainers are listed on a board with how much money they made and you get more sales training than advice on actually changing lives.

I loved the personal training studios I worked at! I just was not a fan of a bunch of useless machines taking up space. They all did great when it came to building the relationship though.

The last job I thought I would have in this lifetime, as a teacher, taught me the most. I think everyone should have to experience of leading a room of 25 five year olds,or middle school children. You see they don’t care one bit about all that other stuff. They only care, after you show them that you care! It also gave me experience breaking down those complex task into something simple that anyone can understand. It’s all simple, not easy, but it is simple.

Results Performance Training is nothing more than a blend of the above. We are not in this to turn in to another me-too business. We are in this to change lives. We will coach you up when you need it. We will always be there for you. We are teachers, and teach technique better than any other location. We believe in education instead of having you follow all these fads that are worthless. We are not copying these “hardcore” workout centers that do a better job of injuring people than getting results. We are not in this to be another group class. We turned the “group class” into group personal training. WE ARE HERE TO CHANGE LIVES.

Over the next few posts I am going to dive in to the specifics of how we differ from all those other places. I am going to tell you about our system for getting Results. If you are a current member you know about these things, but I am going to push you a bit harder. If you are just staring up, then you will know what we stand for before you come in for session one. If you are sitting on the fence then realize you don’t have a lot of time, and this is the main reason to take action today. If you are a former member I am still here for you, and I am obsessed with making RPT just a little better every single day. If I am not for you that is cool also. There is an unsubscribe button at the bottom.

So do me a favor and click that reply button and share your story. We are here to help. Feel free to send your name and a text over to 757-589-7028 to set up your free success session today!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist