Small changes = Huge results

Whenever I sit across from someone at a consultation they want to know the secret to losing 20lbs overnight. The problem is they gained that 20lbs over the past decade because of one small negative habit. Maybe they have been slacking on their exercise routine. Maybe it’s one small thing in regards to nutrition they have to change.

The compound effect never fails. Whatever you do daily will show up over time. One small positive change will lead to massive results, over time. On the other hand, one bad habit will destroy you over time. The fitness industry does not acknowledge this because it’s impossible to sell. It’s also the reason people keep hopping on and off programs versus having patience and actually finishing what they started. The problem with everyone nowadays is we want results yesterday. Have patience! One of my favorite books on this topic and overall success is “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy

Below are a few examples of the compound effect….

There are 3500 calories In a pound of fat according to most text books(no this is not a perfect equation). When I sit across from people I always review their habits and do the math for them. Yeah, those 2 beers (take any habit) a night is the reason you gained 2lbs in the past month. Do the math for a year, or 2, or 10. You don’t exactly have to transition to a keto diet or the new sweet potato diet to see results people!!!

That one workout you miss a week will end up being 52 over the course of the year. If you get back on track it’s not a big deal! Maybe you don’t need the new workout craze or gadget. Just be consistent!

When I assess people I always look at hip mobility. We ALWAYS  do something to address improving this in our sessions. Most people don’t see the connection between this and their fat loss/performance goals so they slack on it. How many people in a commercial gym with no guidance address this? A small improvement with this and maybe your back pain goes away? A small improvement with this and maybe you squat a little deeper. Maybe being able to squat a little deeper allows you to enjoy a day to day activity you have not done in years.  The  hip mobility exercise might be the answer to a nicer butt, walking around with no pain, or whatever your goal is.

Maybe you are trying to get stronger. Add 2.5 to 5lbs on a lift for the next 52 weeks. Is that not a big deal?

When I get the question from interns about how I started a business or improved my training skills they are looking for one book, certification, or secret. I always make sure to tell them about the habit of waking up at 330AM, EVERY morning. Some of you don’t know me (yet:) but my staff and members can attest to this. The extra 2 hours per day is the equivalent of adding a 13th month.  I also point out the mistakes I have made and learned from starting back in 2001 when I became a trainer. I tell them how many people have said no, and continue to doubt what our team WILL accomplish.

Too many of you are looking for the easy route. There is no easy route. There is no magic trick that will allow you to be successful overnight. The answer is one small thing, that you do every day. If you need help finding that small thing in regards to your fitness goals send over an email and I can help you find it.

Some great books specific to behavior change for nutrition are “Why Me Want Eat” by Krista Scott-Dixon and “Fat Loss Happens on Monday” by Josh Hillis and Dan John. ” If you are offended easily then Krista is going to be a bit much for you:) I had a chance to meet her last week in Chicago and she knows a thing (or a million) about nutrition/behavior change.






Have patience! You have to focus on creating results that last. Stop it with the starting and stopping over and over again! You have to get started today and stop putting things off!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C