Top Articles/Post from past week!

Excited to have a feature In the New Year’s Edition of Men’s Journal! Check out the medicine ball workout (page 94)

Today I am going to highlight a few post from my blog that you might not have seen yet. I will also share a few articles based around our different services..

***Beginners Boot Camp! Yes, you can do it!! A quick read and special to explain how we serve those who are new to exercise better than anyone in the area..

***In a relationship…with Results Performance Training?!…Another quick read that tells you what to expect if you become a part of the RPT family! If you are just getting started, remember to use us!! It’s more than exercise!

****Our ACTIVE AGEING PROGRAM is picking up! Thanks for your hard work!!! For those that don’t know we have created group, semi-private, partner, and personal training services geared towards those looking to improve balance, strength, mobility, and flexibility. We also assist with Nutrition to help you lose weight! For those looking for the fountain of youth as you age it’s called STRENGTH TRAINING!! It’s more than going for a walk or doing cardio. Yes. that is important, but….check out this article below..

****YOUTH SPORTS PERFORMANCE- A few spots still left for our sports performance Personal  and semi- private training groups! Below is an article I wrote for ELITEFTS that will tell you my stance on training younger athletes. I can’t stand to see the lets just scream at them, make them sore, run them, and give them some random workout they are not ready for. It’s about building a foundation!

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Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C