Have Faith, Take Action (Lessons from Minnesota)

I had a great weekend hanging out in Minnesota with some pretty cool people! Writing this from the airport today with a few lessons I learned that can help you in reaching your fitness goals, or any goal.

I came here to hang out with my buddy Justin Yule from the transformation club. Justin has done amazing things transforming lives in Minnesota and has written a few books also if you want to check them out…

Lesson one- You need a mentor and ACCOUNTABILITY

When I started Results Performance Training back in 2011 the first thing I had to do was find mentors who had done what I wanted to do. I had already been training people for a decade at that point, but the business side was new to me. Without  people like Justin (and many others) to provide knowledge and hold me accountable RPT would not exist today. No shot. None.

RPT is not a franchise model or commercial gym where all the systems were laid out for me. I had to figure all of this out. It has helped a ton to learn from the mistakes of others so I did not have to make them! I also made sure to choose the right mentor who was doing what I wanted to do. I wanted a studio like his, not some place that puts sales and memberships over actually helping people and getting results.

In regards to your fitness goals choosing the right mentor is critical. Accountability is even more important. Don’t just pick someone because they have 6 pack abs and I discuss that more here.. https://www.detricsmith.com/dont-copy-off-the-gifted-kid/   If you have someone holding you accountable, even an average program can work well. The best program in the world will not work without accountability.

Lesson two- Know the difference between spending money and making an investment! 

I have invested tons of money on mentorship groups, books, and being able to network with people in the industry.  I did not say spend money, because there is HUGE  a difference. I got all of that money back and then some. Saved a lot of time also!

I also see this with people trying to get in shape. They waste their money on products and places that don’t work, compared to investing in proven methods and coaching. That workout DVD might work for the 3 weeks when you are motivated to use it, but after that? People spend  money on  worthless supplements  and then say they cant afford training? People spend all their money on eating out and then complain they cant afford training?

The magic is in the education and coaches to hold you accountable! Make sure you get a return on your fitness  investment! Think about….

  • Being confident again
  • spending quality time with your kids/grandkids
  • more energy to attack your goals
  • All the little things you will not be able to do anymore if you don’t take action
  • Being a good role model for your kids

Is that worth it? If not then you need to get your priorities checked.

Lesson 3- Work ethic and being consistent over time 

I had the cool experience to visit Paisley Park while I was in Minnesota! That was the home of Prince for those who don’t know. If you don’t know Prince then I am excited to say I have subscribers from another planet! It was awesome, but let me stay on track here!

I am obsessed with anyone that performs at the highest level.  If you want to reach your fitness goals, start a business, or become a better parent they all require work. Consistent work, over time!  I would be willing to bet Prince worked harder than just about every musician. No doubt talent was there, but he worked harder than all of them on a CONSISTENT basis.

You will not be reaching your fitness goals without blocking out the time to put the work in! You will also need to have patience and be consistent!

Lesson 4- Success is a Team game! 

While I was here I also had a chance to hang out with one of our first trainers Erin from back in 2012! For those who have been with us for the long haul she says hello! It was crazy to take a step back and look at what has happened with RPT since 2011!

The lesson is pretty simple here. You are nothing without your team. You are the average of the people you hang out with the most. Choose them wisely and invest in them. I am nothing without our trainers Lizzie, Brittney,  Jacob, Tristan, and Rebecca. I am nothing without Heather and Caitlin holding it down behind the scenes with scheduling, billing, and all the day to day stuff! There are way more people to mention here that have made RPT what it is! I am also blessed to have an amazing family, loyal friends, and your support!

Lesson 5- Have Faith and Take Action 

Justin has a tattoo that says Have Faith and Take Action. We can all live by these words. Too many of you are sitting on the fence when it comes to your goals and dreams.

Life is too short to not take action today. You have to believe. It’s hard for those who have failed over and over again to see a different outcome. I created RPT for those people. The vision back in 2011 was to the change the lives of those who don’t fit in at commercial gyms. To change the lives of those who need more guidance. To not be like all these hardcore fitness places that only work for those with experience working out. Thankful to say we have been able to do that and thanks so much for those who gave me a shot. There is still time for the rest of you on this newsletter, but you have less time than you think. Take action today by hitting REPLY because I am here to help!


Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist

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