5 Underrated Pieces of Equipment Every PT Should Have

Look, I am not here to say that the classic barbell and rack combo is not effective – but as trainers, we do need to look at the bigger picture. 


Lot’s of clients can get bored with the same traditional barbell training programs. Lots of clients might feel apprehensive about using heavy dumbbells or training with typical resistance machines like leg press or bench press. 


We need to appeal to all types of clients. On any given day your clients should walk into the gym feeling comfortable, and leave feeling successful. Sometimes this means using alternative exercise equipment. 


5 Pieces of Equipment Every Trainer Should Use

1. NT Loop

The NT loop is not your standard resistance band. While it may look the same, the NT loop has much more functionality and allows trainers to balance their client’s hip movements. 


Movements like squats, deadlifts and hinges train the hip extensors but do not balance the mobility or strength required for optimal performance. 


We must remember that the most powerful movement starts by generating force from the hips. 


The NT loop is essential when training performance-based clients like football players, basketball players and general clients alike. 


2. Landmine

The landmine is a super valuable tool that allows you to load on weight and use a lever class to your advantage. Great for super setting, and also very functional in rotation exercises and explosive exercises, the landmine affords trainers with an area for performing many exercises with very little space. 


3. InertiaWave

While this tool may look like your run-of-the-mill battle rope, InertiaWave is very different. While standard battle ropes are dead weight, the Inertiawave uses the law of inertia to its advantage. 


Through simple movements up and down or side to side, the inertia wave helps to train core stability and postural strength through various isometric lower body holds. 


The variability is endless and this tool provides a very effective low-impact method for training the core.


4. SlideBoard

The SlideBoard is not just for hockey players. While this tool can certainly be used to injury prevention (especially in the knee), the Slideboard is also a great tool to help add variability to a client’s exercise routine. 


Slide board exercises allow for lateral movement, which can best engage the major muscle groups that make up your core and provide stability and balance for your body. The SlideBoard is a great tool for all client levels. 


5. SandBag

Sometimes the classic deadweight is a must for exercise programs. Grab yourself a heavy sandbag and the world is yours. Push, pull, balance, jump – any movement can be done while holding or throwing a sandbag. 


Rogue makes some top-notch sandbags that won’t spill all over your gym so be sure to pick up a quality product. 


Why Use Alternative Equipment?

As stated before, some routine exercises can become a little boring. Your name of the game in the PT world should be to have clients finding success but also enjoying the process. 


Yes, standard barbell work is your baseline and should be used on a regular basis when trying to improve strength and conditioning – but other tools, like the ones above, can add variability into your routine and keep your clients guessing. 


Don’t forget: Always be sure to provide very detailed exercise cues when putting a client onto a new exercise routine and ask them if they are comfortable with the new training tools. 


Did I miss any underrated exercise equipment? 


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