Books I’m reading right now – And you should be too.

Expanding your knowledge is critical to avoiding complacency. Your clientele and business are ever-evolving creatures that need nurturing, as is your mind.

The books below are written by some of the best in the industry – proving that there’s much more to personal training than counting reps and re-racking weights. If you want to expand your mind and upgrade your personal training business, I highly suggest investing in the books below.

And give me a shout to let me know what you think afterwards.

Day by Day – The Personal Trainer’s Blueprint to Achieving Ultimate Success

By Kevin Mullins

Featured on the PTDC’s top books for personal trainers, Mullins  dives in to a year’s worth of personal training advice. Each chapter literally covers a month of each year, serving as a step-by-step guide to successful business planning. Sure, he covers common themes such as nutrition and program design. But the real juice for fit pros lies in the other chapters, such as “Taking Care of Yourself”, “Professionalism”, and  “Business Building”.

Your Workout Perfected

By Nick Tumminello

Not only is Nick fantastic at building battle-tested programs for all shapes and sizes, but in my experience he combines the practical with passion to really make you think. I loved this book in particular, as its highly-individualized approach matches my training philosophy. With literally hundreds of exercises across over 70 programs, it’s a useful guide when tweaking your individual program design, for even the most seasoned trainer.

The Wealthy Fit Pro’s Guide to Starting Your Career

by Jonathan Goodman

What they don’t tell you after getting your certification  – clients aren’t immediately lined up at your door. You have to put in the work, and Goodman’s book is the perfect guide to figuring out the right work. From securing the perfect job at your dream gym to attracting more clients and discovering new streams of income, this book will save you time while making you more money. It’s a must-read for anyone starting up in our industry.


Detric Smith(CSCS, ACSM EP-C, PN-1) is the owner of Results Performance Training in Williamsburg, VA. He has 18+ years of experience in the Health and Fitness field  with an expertise in Group Personal Training. He is the author of Fit for Life and has been featured in various publications. You can reach out to him with questions via his Facebook page at