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Every week I learn something new, or I encounter a situation from which I learn from at Results Performance Training.

And rather than keep this to myself, I’ll share my thoughts with you so you can become a better trainer, run your business more efficiently, or reach your fitness goals. Here’s my thoughts for this week.

Stuff I’m Featured In

PERSONAL TRAINING SALES – Sadly , some of the best trainers hate to discuss sales. It seems like most of the “best” fitness salespeople know nothing about how to help people reach their fitness goals. Check out this article I wrote for STACK about the mindset you need to sell personal training.


Honored to be a mentor through AFS! Check out this organization  if you are interested in understanding the business side of fitness!

What I’m Reading……

C words of dieting feature image for blog

A great short post about the ‘c’ words of diet culture that are embedded in your client’s brain.

A lot of clients have trouble exercising when they are not with us. This article goes into 5 ways to keep your clients on the straight and narrow.

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