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Weekly Rant: Career longevity for the Personal Trainer 

Still in the game?! Personal Trainers can learn a lot about career longevity from Serena, Brady and LeBron. 

They were supposed to be done years ago?! Definitely not playing at this high of a level. But they are still out competing, proving the doubters wrong. 

One thing that makes the greatest great is their love of the game. They love it so much even the hardest of works feels, well, not easy, but they know what it takes to stay at the top. They have enough respect for the game to study it, reinvent their game, to stay in the game. 

They are focused enough to block out criticism from “experts” and haters who know nothing about their why. 

They are focused enough not to listen to excessive praise either. They have built strong teams around them. People that make them better. They challenge others to step up to their level.  

Champions are thankful for every second on the field, enough to live in the moment… they know it is precious. Their love for the game is the main reason for their longevity. The moral of the story here is consistency of effort over time, and you will probably find a way to get “lucky” like them, whatever game you choose.

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