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Weekly Rant: Why can’t we all just get along?! 

Why can’t trainers all get along?

I get it. We are all small fishes in a big pond competing to get the attention of your ideal clients. Then we jump on social media to post an update and something from another coach catches our eye.

OH, I don’t like that. Let me tell them so and I’ll throw in my two cents worth about their lack of smarts. Maybe their audience will see how intelligent I am and see how uninformed they are. And who knows? It may get me a client.

Now, you’ve possibly made an enemy and you’ve wasted your time and energy being negative. It’s a mistake some of us have made before, attacking other trainers to boost our own ego and status.

It’s okay to point out crap, misinformation and outright lies but this is better done privately. But it is never okay to attack someone personally to boost your own ego or status. If it’s a matter of opinion, better to keep it to yourself and scroll on by.

Better yet turn it into good info to reach your audience. Because when you spend more time and energy reaching your audience with quality info the better for you and your bottom line.

I like this quote from Bruce Lee –

Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is essentially your own.”

In some cases, that popular “influencer” might have a gift with marketing. Maybe we can learn from this. Even if their information is horrible.

Does anything upset you in the fitness industry ? What are you waiting for? Start creating, instead of attacking and complaining.


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An honor to be featured in EliteFTS! 

Do you ever think about how you think? Developing critical thinking skills will be important to advancing as a personal trainer. As trainers, we often make the same mistakes our clients make. This article will talk about confirmation bias in fitness—how people tend to believe what they already think is true.



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If you are certified by NASM,  check it out below!


What I’m Reading……

I Was Wrong – Chris Holder

Mindfulness And Fat Loss: A Guide For The Easily Distracted – Mike Howard

Take a deeper dive into mindfulness: What it is, its general health benefits, how it can help with fat loss, as well as some simple, effective ways to implement mindfulness into your daily life.

How to Do the Things You Keep Avoiding – David Cain
 A great article which will help you identify some useful, tangible, step that obviously has to be done at some point, and get your tasks done.

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