RPT Online Coaching

Who Else Wants to Work With a Proven Coach to Help Them Get in the Best Shape of Their Lives?

My name is Detric Smith, and for the past 17 years, I’ve helped clients and athletes of all shapes and sizes get into the best shape of their lives. I have even been featured in magazines such as Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, and written for quite a few online sites. 

I’ve worked with everyone from professional athletes  to hard working, everyday clients who simply want to lose weight, get back in shape, or move without pain. 

Over the next few weeks, I’m  taking on a small group of distance coaching clients that want to get in the best shape of their lives,  work one-on-one with them to guarantee their success. We will guarantee your success for a fraction of the cost of working with an average trainer at the local gym.

Your Results Are Guaranteed

Most trainers don’t take the time to know about your goals! Their programs consist of random exercises that look cool. Random exercises and programming that you could get from a muscle magazine at your local grocery store. 
You also have the trainers who just scream and make the session crazy hard so it feels like you are getting results……when in reality you are not!!

So How Do We Get Results?

The first thing we do is hop on a quick phone call.

During that call we’ll go over…..

1. Goals

2. Previous Exercise History

3. How it worked (or didn’t), and

4. Injury History 

5. Your experience level in the gym

6. Current Diet 

By the end of that initial conversation we’ll know if you’re a good fit for the program. This is not ideal for everyone. 
I will then take you through my assessment process to determine your specific needs.  I will then design a customized training program that is specific to your unique needs and goals. 

Every training session will be individually designed for you.

This is not a cookie cutter program that I just send out to everyone who expresses interest! 

Programming + Online COACHING

Your first program is just the beginning. Each week we will check in by email and/or phone to make adjustments..and hold you accountable!! We even take the time to review video clips for technique! The program changes every 4 weeks.  Your body is going to be changing  so the program will have to adapt so you make consistent progress. We tell you exactly what to do in the gym or at home with between 2 to 5 weekly workouts that include sets, reps, rest periods…..everything! 

This Is NOT For Everybody!

I truly love working with people to get results.
Unfortunately, I’m very busy and can only take on a limited number of new clients. You are a good fit if you……

1. Work Hard. This is not for someone who is just going to go through the motions. 
2. Be Coachable. You must take advantage of the weekly check-ins and be willing to learn! 

Here’s What I Need You to Do NOW…

Send me an email to info@resultsperformancetraining.com or text 757 589 7028. We can set up a quick call to see if this is a good fit! If you happen to be in the Williamsburg area we can even set up a quick meeting at my studio! This has to be a good fit for both sides!! The combo of training people, training trainers, and running our Results Performance Training Location in Williamsburg keeps me very busy! so limited spots with this one!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C