Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the business for years, we’re all looking to become a better personal trainer and fast track our success. With over two decades in the fitness industry, I can help you achieve the level of success you want.

From those who are new to the game to corporate teams, I work with all levels of trainers.

Self Starter

The feeling of elation that comes with getting your certification is too often trampled by the uncertainty and stress of worrying what your first move is going to be. You might be wondering:

  • Will I be hired with no experience?
  • Do I need specialty certifications?
  • How can I get personal training clients?

I will help you lay the foundation for your ideal fitness career. We’ll discuss essentials like getting your foot in the door at a respectable gym or starting your own business, networking like an expert coach, and writing perfect programs in less than 10 minutes.


Upon establishing themselves in the business, many personal trainers eventually feel stuck. They want a new challenge, but they aren’t sure how to go after a new target market.

What’s more, many of these trainers aren’t making nearly what they expected. Strict budgets at local gyms or fear of raising prices can stifle progress and results in a disappointing salary.

It’s time to change all of that.

Start earning what you’re really worth and working with clients you love. I’ll show you how.


Personal trainers are a representation of your fitness business. An elite team of trainers is going to reflect the values, authority, and dedication of your gym. And a poorly trained set of coaches will do the same.

But as a gym owner, you can only do so much.

You have to worry about keeping the lights on, so where are you going to find the time to make sure all of your trainers are on the same level?

That’s where I can help you.

Whether they need to improve their coaching skills or get help with asking for the sale, I’ll work with your team to bring them up to the level of their true potential.

Let’s Chat About Your Personal Training Business

Have a specific question about my coaching program?

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Don’t hesitate to reach out and I’ll follow up as soon as I can.