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What inspired you to start your business? I previously worked for a number of commercial gyms, studios and sports performance centers.

What to Expect from the blog?

The blog is mainly a form of therapy, for me. I do however hope you get something out it. If I have learned something, I will share it. If I have failed at something, I will share it. If I think it will make you better, I will share it. If I think it will make you think, I will definitely share it. Like Gary Vee says “document, don’t create” This means I am just journaling what I do on a daily basis (so don’t expect it to be that interesting:) I own a fitness business and have trained people for close to 2 decades, so of course I am going to write about this.

It’s more than exercise.  I want to form a community of like minded (crazy like me) individuals that are looking to better themselves and make others better. I plan to spotlight them because it’s about more than me.  I want to encourage others to do something it has taken me 35 years to learn to do… yourself and share it !!

If you want to know more about my background, and my business, please click this » About Me, About Results Performance Training

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